Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bioluminescence Detection Program by AgroMicron

Author: AgroMicron

AgroMicron's Nano Bioluminescence Detection spray will prove to add a great amount of controls within the shipping industry and possibly even prevent forms of bioterrorism. ""We like the idea not only do we have a commercially viable product, we might actually be saving lives"" said AgroMicron's CEO Richard Venturini a recent interview with the press, and yes saving lives is the focus of what we see this product doing.

Not only does this Nano Bioluminescence spay detect contamination in food to help ensure that the goods are ready for consumer consumption it also makes it possible to detect possible bioterrorist attacks. These extra feature of the Nano Bioluminescence spay was realized when researchers in Taiwan understood the gowning need to not only monitor for commercial reasons but to monitor food and water for possible bioterrorism.

""The team of researchers and scientist actually didn't start out trying to prevent bioterrorism, but since September 11 the need for such products has surfaced and we've been working to meet those needs ever since."" says Gary Lloyd Senior Corporate Advisor for AgroMicron. I myself would love to be able to use a spray to tell if my leftover have gone bad or not, and I personally believe the consumer level support of such a product will be the next thing AgroMicron looks to develop.

The Nano Bioluminescence spay development was made possible by researchers and scientist in Taiwan and the United States and further made possible thanks to the US Technology Transfer Act., which means AgroMicron's team can fully utilize all these resources.

""We expect our current 3 product lines to be ready within the 3 quarter and expect the first quarter to be used both for pilot testing and further research"" said Gary Lloyd in a private interview conducted my a group of private investors. I was very amazed at the level of interest by outside individuals in the AgroMicron products and company, its not often that a company can have this much interest within its early days. When I asked the CFO Michael Leiferman about the interest AgroMicron has had in recent months his reply was ""our products are so good and so valuable that people don't come to our company for us, they come to our company for the products we offer"", which I translated into meaning if you build it they will come.

If you would like to learn more about the Nano Bioluminescence spay from AgroMicron you can visit and if you are interested in learning more about the company in general please visit their website at

About the author: New process of Detecting E. Coli and Salmonella and other Pathogens in Food and Water for use in the shipping industry.


At 7:44 AM, Blogger Sukhumvit said...

AgroMicron is not a real company. It is a boiler room scam operated by Gary Lloyd for the express purpose of stealing your money.

Other unwitting investors bought this house for Gary...

He has apparently moved to Australia, but it's still the same old story. He also runs a scam called "Asian Carbon Trade Exchange."

Whatever you do, DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THIS MAN!!!

He knows how to do all the paperwork to achieve legitimacy on the surface. But, none of his bogus companies are real.


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