Saturday, August 16, 2008

Euler's Identity and the Eucalculus

Author: Charles Douglas Wehner

People find mathematics - particularly higher mathematics - difficult. This is perhaps due to a lack of VISUAL IMAGERY with which to bring the concepts to life.

As a professional technical author, I decided to use graphical techniques to simplify the understanding of such things as Euler's equation.

This allowed me to guide the reader into a study of the Fractional Factorials - which Euler called the ""GAMMA FUNCTION"" - and introduce a brand-new extension to the Calculus. This I call the Eucalculus.

But one does not rush headlong into uncharted territory. Warnings are issued that there may be pitfalls in the established Art of mathematics, let alone in this cutting-edge development.


Charles Douglas Wehner

About the author: Born in 1944, Charles Wehner is an electronics design engineer and technical author working in so many fields linked to electronics that he was obliged to investigate the fundaments of the mathematics that he used.


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