Sunday, July 27, 2008

The future of the Human Species - Part 4: Will we create our future?

Author: K.A.Cassimally

Experiments have shown that human physiology becomes very weak in an unknown environment to the brain. Humans then start to panic. Problem is that humans do not necessarily want to show their uncertainty. So they hide it. When they actually hide this uncertainty, humans start to get stressed and this is the big problem.

When we get stressed, we become moody and cannot concentrate on what we are doing. Imagine an astronaut getting really frustrated in the middle of a mission on the International Space Station. This may be catastrophic! He seizes a hammer floating nearby in the zero-gravity of space and demolishes the ISS's main computer. The whole crew will be in a most-probably-fatal danger. No doubt the guilty astronaut will realise the consequence of his action afterwards but it will be too late.

Trained astronauts themselves, have big difficulties adapting to a space mission of up to two months. Think of a manned mission to Mars. This journey takes a minimum of two years to accomplish plus there is the return journey too. Humans will have to live in shuttle conditions with no privacy for four years that is 1461 days (1 more day from a leap year included). You will agree with me that it is hard to make a journey of this many days properly. Bear in mind that a journey of only 60 days seems difficult. What should we do then?

We presently have the technology to go to Mars. The problem lies with the persons who are going to board on the shuttle. Many scientists have concluded that humans like us will have much difficulty in overcoming the stress and frustration. But humans unlike us may be able to do it! Imagine a human being with 4 arms instead of 2 (the 2 additional arms take the places of the 2 legs). He will be able to crawl everywhere on a shuttle like a spider. This spider human will specialise himself in this field. I am not joking! Scientists say that they can create a human with 4 arms and no legs.

It seems easy to do so too. Now that we are starting to unlock the secrets of the DNA and genes things, we are also starting to modify them. As you know DNA contains all information about a person and if it is modified, the person too is modified. So, if my DNA is modified then, I too will be modified: physically, mentally or emotionally. DNA modification seems to be the key for going elsewhere that is away from Earth.

Anyway, if ever we go on another planet, colonize it and live on it then the appearance of us, humans, will change. The physical appearance of a person depends on the physical environment surrounding that person. So if ever we go on Mars, our eyebrows will become more important and they will therefore expand in size. Why our eyebrows will evolve is because Mars is dustier than Earth in terms of sand and other small particles.

We know that Earth is not permanent and we know that we will have to go away one day if we want to live on. We also know that Mars, which till now has appeared to be the ideal place is going to go in smoke like Earth too. We are not much prepared to teraform Mars though but this is only a matter of time. With new technologies, new ideas will burst out till the best one is proposed. Then we can go to Mars. We may however have to transform ourselves to remain alive though. Will we be able to do all this? Well a real spider man would be a great thing to see.

If ever we succeed in doing all these things though then we may say this clearly and loudly, "Humans are one step above everybody else neither in this solar system nor in this galaxy and not even in this universe but in this world."

About the author: K.A.Cassimally is the editor in chief of Astronomy Journal and Astronomy Journal Ezine. He is also the co-founder of the RCPL Astronomy Club. K.A.Cassimally is best known for his article 'Harry Potter and the Moons of Jupiter'. He is also Senior Columnist at where he writes 'Not Scientific Science'. Website: Email:


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