Monday, April 07, 2008

A Typical Kobra

Author: Kedar Joshi

A typical and/or ideal Kobra (Kokanastha Brahmin: the one from Maharashtra, India) is :

White, ruthless, arrogant, egoistic, sharp, intelligent, precise, neat, tidy, stubborn, deep, simple, tolerant (often except with mankind), humorous, ironic, hardworking, determined, passionate, handsome, crazy, An artist, racist, introvert, commanding, optimist, bloody-minded, unromantic, learned, studious, boring, hot & short-tempered, cynic, feminine, practical, sadistic, depressed, pure, straight, focussed, possessive, competitive, competent, solitary, individualist, jealous, mean, honest, fare, prejudiced, trustworthy, narrowminded, brave, typical, critical, moody, impulsive, weird, A good speaker, A bad listener, unhealthy, serious, quick, tricky, A freedom-fighter, selective, dominating, patient (again often except with mankind), perfectionist, disciplined, conservative, obsessed, eccentric, and, last but not least, (metaphorically) Poisonous.

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