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Metaphysical experiences

Author: Anupam Mishra

Gautam Buddha said ""Aapo Deepo Bhav"" means don't search light outside instead be light yourself. Running on the same lines Vivekananda said"" Stand upon your own feet"". This quotation applies completely to my own life. Since 1998 I became interested in astrology and meditation. I tried a lot to have a Guru in both of the fields but somehow or the other I didn't find them at all either they didn't fit to my mindset or at the last hour anyhow immovable hurdle came in my way. In a course of time I understood well that God did not want me to have any Guru. He wanted to search him inside.

As soon as I took that truth deep into my heart a sea change started taking place into the life. I still remember the early morning hours of April 2002 when I got up just after seeing a kind of prophetic dream. The dream implied great auspiciousness that made me unable to sleep due to utter excitement. Having found myself difficult to sleep I just lay down on my bed carelessly and riveted my whole concentration between my eyebrows. I was also pondering over who was he always guided me since my childhood days whenever I found myself in drooping spirits.

In a few seconds I got one pointed concentration. Suddenly, I saw light grey colored sky filled with bright stars. I thought today I would not reason about anything I would only witness whatever might come before me. Then I noticed the fade blue and white sparkles of light into the sky like firecrackers. In a few moments I felt as if my mind was gripped by an unknown source. In that state my mind started asking the questions and the answers were coming in a flash. However, I must admit that there was no voice at all of anybody, which I was hearing. In all actuality they were only thought waves. No sooner than the mind asked a question the answer came without waiting an inch further.

I got to know many upcoming events like having a world mission that would make me famous round the globe. However, the voice gave me warning that I must detach myself from the hunger of fame. I was told about my four debts namely my sister, mother, son and the wife to whom I had to fulfill all the obligations without any attachment at all.

At last I requested to know whom was he telling me all those things. The voice said why I wanted to know. I said just in order to see who was guiding me all the time since my childhood in one way or the other.

All of a sudden I saw a human form appearing before me. I did not able to recognize him. I was amazed who was he? Then a flash came to my mind and I recollected the famous book of Yogananda 'Autobiography of an Yogi'. I recognized that he was nobody else but 'Yukteshwara Giri' the Guru (preceptor) of Yogananda. In front of Yukteshwara Giri there was Ramakrishna Paramhansa sitting just in front of him. After a while Yukteshwara asked me to leave and promised me that whenever I might need him he would come and aid me.

I opened my eyes. My hands were trembling and hairs were standing erect. My whole body was sweating profusely. I tried to explain all those things to my wife but I found myself out of breath. It seemed as if my whole energy had gone. I was literally puffing and the tears were flowing out of my eyes. Then I saw a bowl of water filled with white flowers. I was flabbergasted who put them there. They were looking afresh and giving out bewitching aroma. As for waiting another surprise I remembered the photo of Yukteshwara Giri in which he was standing with Yogananda wearing the garland of white flowers around his neck. I also recollected that he used to wear it every time. I felt like spell-bounded thinking was he Yukteshwara himself who put those flowers just in order to substantiate his own presence in the room?

That was my first countable spiritual experience. After that I had no visions at all for a long time. However, of course lot of hands movements started taking place as soon as I initiated my meditation. The hands moved automatically to and fro and made many gestures, which were not familiar to me. Later on I got to know they were the Mudras (gestures), which are made while doing Gayatri Mantra, a female deity of Vedas. There were lots of mudras, which I do not remember right now. However, after a while I read about the mudras in a holy book and got their name to my amazement. Who was doing all that? In a course of time I understood well it was the play of the 'Mother Kundalini' when it becomes activated.

Occasionally, any question rose into my mind during the meditation and the head started nodding in right or no as if someone was answering the question. As the time rolled on the things became more apparent, consequently, more obvious answers started coming to me in the form of gestures. For example when I asked a question mentally the index finger started moving in the air with great force as if indicating yes or no. Many a times the positive answers came in the form of auspicious mudras like the mudra of a Lotus flower. On the contrary the negative responses came in the form of inauspicious mudras like strangulating someone with my hands.

According to the history the famous war of Mahabharta happened 5,300 before but I was informed it occurred 3 lakhs years back. I always regarded Indian Mythology beyond any logic containing only wild imaginations. However, I got to know there was nothing illogical in the Indian Mythology. The thing is we try to confirm the thing according to our present mind set that is why they seem be very far from reality.

I was told about my last birth. It was so unbelievable for me. To my astonishment I was told that I was nothing but the rebirth of the same person to whom I had been paying my obeisance all the time. I always regarded that person as my Guru mentally since 1999. He is no more in this world since he left his mortal appendage in the beginning of 20th century. I went on searching the truth on the Internet and also through books. I pondered over the matter in a great detail. I was quite reluctant in accepting that truth. I was shocked when I found an interview where he was telling a foreign lady that ""He would born once again on this earth"". The American lady asked him why he had to take birth again "" You will not understand since it is the order of my Guru"" was precisely his answer.

And last but not the least in the last month of September 2005 I went into a strange Samadhi. It was peculiar in a sense that it didn't match with the known details as given by others. I just became unconscious for sometime feeling as if it was of two or three minute's duration. Subsequently, I was told it was almost one hour. I was quite suspicious about that state of samadhi but to my surprise in the morning I felt as if something like energy was oozing out of my fingers. I passed that energy to my sister at her Ajna Chakra. She started seeing visions of divine beings. She got the ability to see the future.

I transferred the energy to a heart patient and said him confidently to stop all the medicines except one tonic. He cured within one week. His Blood pressure became normal. His hypertension got controlled. Now he is like a normal person anyhow. The person was a retired News editor of a famous daily Navbharat times.

I also cured an asthmatic patient who had been suffering from the same disease since his childhood days without any cure at all. Once I tried to do distant healing of my sister- in law. She lives far away from my home. So, it was very difficult for her to pay her visit frequently to my home. I called her astral body and cured it. Her liver enlarged around 2centimetres however within three days it came to its normal size. Her hp factor also got controlled.

So, friends don't go by the dogmatism of science. Don't measure everything on crude scientific terms. Science does not mean to reject anything but to search out the reality behind everything. Of course instruments are different. You can't understand astronomy by using the apparatus of chemical science. In a same way if you want to do acid test in regard to spirituality go through the process, which was propounded by our Saints. Only then you will realize that our Saints were not fools but they were far more intelligent than any common human beings.

At last I bow in the feet of 'Parsheshwara Mahadev' and grateful to him for showering his abundant grace upon me.

About the author: Anupam Mishra, aged 37, is a Hindu Brahmin by birth. He is involved neck deep in his divine search after ultimate reality since 1998. He is a professional astrologer, spiritual guide and spiritual healer by profession.


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Did Vivekananda stand on his feet? Then why did he beg the Raja of Khetri for Rs. 100 per month, a princely sum in 1899? Why did he beg Ms. Mary Hale for a few dollars per month?


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