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Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I)

Author: Wayne Lowe

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I)

Have you seen the movie ‘Contact’ if you haven’t then you need to. Im creating a single article based on the vision of this movie. Jodie foster stars as the main character, she is brilliant in this film, making it so powerful, and full of inspiration.

Have you ever wondered what is out there? Have you ever been curious to know how this all began? Don’t be put of by the little green men at all. Over the past years, many television programmes show us the countless possibilities that exist to what happened in the creation of the universe. It’s so big that I guess we could never reach the end, if there indeed is an end.

One television programme, that got my attention, was the search for a planet that harboured life, like our own planet. It had a term used as ‘the wobble effect’ meaning the same effects as planet earth. There been a lot of searches for planets that sustain some similarity to our own planet.

If the S.E.T.I project, still running online today, picked up a reading of a signal from the outer reaches of the universe, then Id be very curious to know what it is about, or what it means. There have been some signals that have been intercepted and sent to us, but even our modern day machines cannot understand it.

I wish that in my lifetime, we get some great discoveries of the stars and skies; I would like to see a planet discovered, creating life like earth, with water, and oxygen. As this planet is slowly or in this day an age quiet fast, using up its resources, so we must find another planet, before we die, otherwise we could as a species be wiped out before we’ve even began to search the heavens.

It would be exciting to know that there is life on other far away planets. Imagine if we could contact them, what would they look like, or what would there advancements be in terms of technology. If we think about it, do UFO’s really exist, have people mainly from the USA been abducted. If the alien race has advanced machines, then maybe this is true. Thinking of it in reality, if things like this happened, and were not denied by governments, then truth be told, it would cause panic, on a global scale, wouldn’t it? But if the stories are not true, then it’s like loosing hope of ever finding, beings from distant galaxies.

Suppose our planet receives a message from another part of the universe. We decode it, what would we want it to say? Like a quote from ‘Contact’ the movie, if it’s just us, then it’s an awful waste of space. That to me is true. Why would there be a massive universe with just us in, the lonely planet earth? It would seem lonely. Like the thoughts of there being a god. There are different gods. We’ve never seen him, but to some, who pray and worship, they feel comfort in knowing that there is a powerful being. If there is an alien race, do they believe in a god, or have they never come across such an idea? Does there history tell of a man similar to Jesus?

Know one can prove that there is a god up in heaven, or the devil. So how can we believe that aliens exist? I think there is a fine line, which separates this. Maybe miracles happen, prayers are answered, is this due to us being able to make them happen? Could we ask god to keep us alive forever, and never die? NO, as to us in the material world it’s impossible. For so much death and destruction, for all that pray for peace and comfort, do we actually get it? Speaking from the heart I believe that to the distant future, maybe very soon, we will be in contact with another species. We will receive a message. We have not been far enough into space to find other places, so we can only assume there is going to be life. But say on the other side of the galaxy, there is another sun, where there is a planet the same distance from sun as we are, in the protective layer, which cannot be damaged by radiation, that maybe supporting life like us. Doesn’t that sound brilliant? There has to be. We cannot just be the only galaxy to have a sun, in the expanding universe then it must be there.

If all the computers in the world right now connected to the internet, and downloaded the S.E.T.I programme to intercept and download transmissions from the S.E.T.I satellites then we could interpret more of the codes that are given to us. We have to think of the bigger picture don’t we? We have to think beyond our planet, think beyond our sight.

I like to think of theories and see from different points of view. So imagine the Roswell accident did happen. An alien craft landed on earth in the USA, and the government kept it to study there technology, by keeping it in area 51, which is heavily guarded. If the sightings of aliens have increased since then, maybe the crash landing was true, as the alien race are searching for there lost craft. This could be true!

I know that the younger generation after me will continue to discover more of space, but it’s like winning a race, we need to try harder and go faster to reach the end. We need to build a bigger telescope to search far beyond than we’ve ever done, build a space station, with a satellite on it, which can search 360 degrees whilst rotating round the earth! A massive project that could combine the entire earth’s wealth to design and build the ultimate satellite to penetrate the outer limits.

What would our purpose be hear whilst living on this planet, just to earn our money and die. Or actually make a difference to the human race. It would be like star trek, with different colonies, on different galaxies, where we can support life on space shuttles for years, and then recycle materials to produce new ones without new materials being added, 100% recycling. We could go to planets way beyond imagination.

All these ideas I have, I mustn’t be the only one having them. Do you share the dream of wondering what’s out there? Do you hope for discovering new beings, new ways of life. Imagine what would be out there. A planet full of wildlife or a planet full of dinosaurs again. We could view from the skies of what the Jurassic period was like. What if we found a species that lived by breathing carbon dioxide, and whose planet gives of oxygen? We could use there oxygen in return for giving them carbon dioxide. It’s just a thought, but there are so many possibilities out there.

If the big bang that created everything was the only thing ever to exist, then what created the big bang, if whatever created the big bang, then what created, what the big bang was created from. It goes on forever, like saying who god’s mother was, then who god’s mother’s mother was.

Wouldn’t you like to leave this planet and travel, searching for new life? Would you do this to be the first human being to make contact with a new breed of life? I would love to be able to be the first point of contact for our planet. Showing them we have great and beautiful life here. Intelligence, power, and belief. Along with incredible beauty. Animals, water, the skies, the oceans and plants so rare that capture beauty in a single moment. Music to create powerful moods of love, and passion. Different forms of communication, meaning the same things. We could send with us, pictures of Caribbean sea’s, animals, such as the dolphin, or tiger, snow fall, rainforests, large cities, and music composed to relax. The planet, at most 95% has designed the way of religions, and believes in some god or another. If we could exchange knowledge in a way that is universal. Would they understand our morse code, or sign language, or even our voices? Would we understand there forms of communication.

If we use about 4% of our brains, maybe they use all of there’s, if they have brains, or like all life and non-life, there is some form of control centre, or nucleus, which performs energy, which transforms into actions or sound, or lights.

Think of this then. There may be a planet like ours, which is in the Stone Age. They are just about to discover fire, if we could reach them, we could show them the correct ways to make the planet far better. We could wipe out hunger, stop havoc from happening, create a peaceful place, place are technology on there and advance from then onwards. On a fresh planet. Recycling everything possible, no cars or pollution. Clean air, and no hunger or homeless people. Wouldn’t you like to create this planet if you had the chance? Set rules, and be part of the human race that saved a planet from a possible destruction like ours, with hatred and evil in our world. We could see creatures that died out, we could save them, and plant more trees, correct the mistakes we’ve made, and in the future, when they understand to our level of intelligence, they would know that beings from outer space helped create there world.

There planet could have rare minerals that maybe vital to curing 90% of incurable diseases that we have here on earth. We could use them to save more lives, so the people here who die for no reason, could be saved.

If you have already seen the movie, then what happens near the end is a hope for the survival of the ones who believe there is life out there. Whoever created the little green men, or beings with big black eyes and small bodies, are to blame for people not believing as much. These aliens could be exactly like us, maybe more beautiful than we are as a species. They could have developed Larger brains, or have no reason for bodily hair, as there planet is always warm with a hot glowing sun. They may not even need ears, as they could have developed or have telepathic abilities. Maybe there skin structure is like a planets internal abilities. They survive on minerals from there planet, and sun to keep them alive. We have such a physiology. But we don’t need sun that much, although it activates some forms of brain activity, that when it gets dark, we feel tired, and when it’s light we wake up. So the alien race could have an advanced cellular structure that needs the sun to keep them alive. As futuristic as it sounds, this could be the future. You would be very mistaken if indeed the future was like what I have explained, and you thought I was silly for saying it.

Back to my planet of discovery, where we help to create the perfect world up to today. With no damaging chemicals affecting the o-zone layer or polluting waters or land. Keeping law and order in order. We could build machines to track meteors, so we can maybe launch rockets at them so they don’t destroy the planet, or find some way of living underground, or under the ocean. All these ideas have been made up by writers and directors.

The only movie to touch my soul of life on other planets is ‘Contact’ I would love to hear Jodie fosters points of view about this subject and the man who created the idea Carl Sagan. A brilliant man who brought the idea into reality. He must have a point of view on this as well.

For all who share this experience with me, and want to talk about it more, then place contact me on this e-mail address, we can design websites, or forums where we can share all the ideas we all have ever dreamed of.

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