Sunday, December 10, 2006


Author: dr anil maheshwari

What is Equality? Are men and women really equal to each other??????????? Please read on to find out! Anatomically-(physically)-------both are different. Physiologically(relating to sex-hormones)--------both are different. Genetically ---------both are different and have different reproductive systems------(xx=female)------(xy=male) Biologically-(sexually)-------both have different needs. Emotionally-------both react differently to situations in day-to-day life. Mentally------both think differently about values of life or otherwise. Socially and Traditionally------both have different roles and duties to perform in society----Man is basically the Bread-winner and Provider-----Woman is basically a care-taker(nurse). From the family view-point---a man(father) is considered as the head(intellect) of the family and the woman(mother) is the heart of the family. In chinese mythology---- The female force is represented by Yin(negative force of the universe) & the male force is represented by Yang(positive force) Everything about a man and a woman is different----right from their physical appearence, their needs, the duties they perform, the roles they play in society, and even the way they procreate ---- in the act of creation (sexual act)---man is the active partner--the sexual act being initiated, maintained, completed and dominated by the male(man usually in the superior position)---while the female is just the passive recepient---and conceptually too man being the 'seed' and the woman being the 'soil'. In Hindu mythology---Man generally represents Aasman (the sky)---while the woman is Dharti (earth)------man(purush) is known as the Creator(rachieta) and the woman(prakriti) is his creation(rachna)---Can the creator be equal to his creation???????------Man is the possessor----woman is his possession---Can the possessor be equal to his possession????????? God and Mother nature have created and endowed man and woman with absolutely different qualities, attributes and functions------So can anyone please throw some light on "" Any aspect in which man and woman are equal"" and should be treated as equals????????? Your thoughts are eagerly awaited

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About the author: Surgeon from mumbai--india----interested in knowing the how and why of the creation of this universe---and religion--spirituality--rajyoga meditation.


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