Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cold Fusion

Author: Robert Bruce Baird

And as I was typing this, I stopped for a while to watch the news and saw that what I wrote just a while ago in terms of human evolution has already become the likely scenario according to the media because of a new skull found in Kenya. A 3.5 million year old with smaller teeth than an australopithecine! Clearly evolution has much more ancient roots and they said we might well not be connected to australopithecines. Is this common sense or a synchronicity or something more? It happens all the time as I have been doing this research in depth, and writing during the past two years. Austin Osman Spare would say I am in the appropriate state of Zos and others would claim Ain Soph is the operating principle of the Qabala while I accept the World Mind and myself as a flux for it. Maybe Robert Park of Voodoo Science could debunk me just as he has done to J. B. Rhine but what would he say about the 'vacuum' that science now knows and that fits the ESP paradigm so thoroughly? How can anyone doubt perpetual motion when creative and FREE energy is everywhere? Yes, anyone can have an opinion - BUT is it informed?

COLD FUSION OR FISSION: - One of the other often debunked possibilities that people like Robert Park who work for the government engage in; or is it just another fantasy? Can someone really be so in tune as to use the forces of atomic power with purpose? When the University people in Utah announced they had achieved cold fusion about a decade ago I immediately thought of the international association of alchemists and Frater Albertus Magnus in that city that houses the Mormons (interestingly) and where an employee (Rosicrucian) of mine was able to get an appointment with Ezra Taft Benson on her first day in town.

As the year went by, it appeared this was another scientifically unreplicated misconception. As another couple of years passed, only the Japanese were pursuing it; and the issue seems to have fallen into the category of a hoax. Well if it is in this instant it won’t be for long. The nay-sayers are more wrong than creators or inventors usually. It will be discovered that lattices in noble elements like palladium can release the bonding forces gradually. I think the perfect metal is required for this to work efficiently and I think it means manufacture of those noble elements in space’s vacuum will be most efficient. Eugene Mallove was bludgeoned to death by a ‘patsy’ shortly after arranging a Congressional Hearing on Cold Fusion in 2004.

In many of the experiments that scientists of today go through they don't contemplate the effects of time and allow natural processes to occur in natural ways. When an alchemist seeking to raise his conscious attunement began a process he didn't regard himself as the key agent of intellect in the process. He/She (Cleopatra and Moses' sister were alchemists) was ever observant and always respectful of the effects of cosmic dimensional forces and you can regard them as Tesla did with the phrase 'non-force info packets' or what Deepak calls the cosmic soup. The truth is, there is a consciousness that we can harmonize with. The alchemists who worked for the kings and greedy aristocrats usually failed because they were working with need and greed rather than love and worship or awe. Awe, of, in, and for the omniscient potential of nature.

IT is possible to send atomic energy of the process to other dimensions and release them in controlled avenues to produce amazing results. This will be dealt with in greater detail in the mysteries section but we want to put a little of it here in order to establish the breadth of the chasm between what linear thinking ego and modern science purports to know against what is possible through attunement. We think we have already done this in medicine and other facets of society. We think physics is close to knowing what we are dealing with in the chaos that isn't going to respond in exactly the same 'black and white' manner. The creationist theory is not as dead as theologians have allowed it to become!

The following point is not completely the same one; as Gardner deals with weight and the 'highward' state that allows levitation. I am not convinced of this level of levitational potential that he would say allowed the fit of the Great Pyramid. It is better than all other explanations except for Dunn's combined with the poured in place concrete explanation though.

""In simplistic terms, the white powder is created by striking the metal sample, under strictly controlled conditions for a pre-calculated time, with a designated high-heat {Sometimes every operation would be repeated for five years, if the person lived. There is a mercurous oxide risk.}--perhaps from a DC arc: a single directional current from two electrodes {They had the ability to produce DC a very long time ago as we will see in many other places.}. But the truly unusual thing about the powder is that, through continuous sequences of heating and cooling {While becoming 'friends' or attuning oneself to 'what is'?}, its weight will rise and fall to hundreds of percent above its optimum weight, down to less than absolutely nothing. Moreover, its optimum weight is actually 56 per cent of the metal weight from which it was transformed. So, where does the other 44 per cent go? It becomes nothing but pure light, and translates into a dimension beyond the physical plane. This conforms precisely with the formerly mentioned Alexandrian text which states that, when placed in the scales, the Paradise Stone can outweigh any of its quantity of gold, but when it is converted to dust (powder), even a feather will tip the scales against it."" (7)

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