Friday, September 29, 2006

Humans and the Universe

Author: Victorino Q. Abrugar

There are nine well-recognized planets in our Solar System. The Sun, the center of our Solar System is just one star among hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way is also just one of hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. If you will compute how many possible planets are there in the universe, it would be unbelievably enormous. Through this tremendous fact in our universe, scientists and astronomers believe that there may be huge probability of living creatures' existence aside from earthlings. This probability is as huge as the numbers of existing planets in the universe. Imagine a great number of islands in our planet, the higher the number of islands the greater the possibility of inhabitant discovery. Scientists believe on the existence of aliens, inhabitants of other planets. There would be also a possibility of existence of Earth-like planet in the universe. A simple theory is the existence of twins and identical people living in our planet. There may be a person in this world who is much like looks like you. There are only less than hundred of billions of humans in our planet against the possible hundred of septillions of planets in the universe. Are you now convinced of the existence of aliens and other living creatures in the universe?

Several claims on the sightings of aliens and UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) already become recurring news in radios, televisions and tabloids. But since my birth, I never saw clear pictures of aliens and alien ships. All of these are controversial, disputable and unidentifiable. If there are really aliens then where are they? Why there is no clear and undisputable claim of sightings of these creatures? There are other creatures on earth aside from animal, trees and humans. These creatures are merely spirits and elemental. Some of them existed to deceive the world. They have the power to mimic anyone just to deceive the world. They can imitate aliens and even your dead family members. They are the reasons of incorrect beliefs on Earth. And one of this is the conviction on Aliens.

Personally and principally, I believe that earthlings are the only living creatures in this universe. The discovered bacteria on the moon came from Earth. If there would be people in Mars, it would be humans migrated from Earth in seek of a new planet to live. God created forms of life only on Earth. He made no life forms on other planets. But if there are no lives on other planets, then why God created Universe and those billions of galaxies and billions of planets in those galaxies? A tough question isn't it? But you know this is just a matter of shelter. Humans need shelters or houses to live. These shelters need lands to be built. Lands need a planet to be placed. Our planet needs a solar system to revolve. Our solar system needs a galaxy to be positioned. And finally a galaxy needs universe to stay on. The principle behind is we are specially created by God. Humans are the center and the essence of His creation. We are His principal creation. The planets, stars, galaxies and even the universe are only created incidentally to support the Human creation. Those extremely huge and enormous objects are only matters and physical and far beyond compare to the significance of human souls.

About the author: Victorino Q. Abrugar is dedicated in spiritual philosophy. He is the author of TheOldMind.Com


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