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DNA Profiling: Its Uses in Court

Author: Tom LeBaron

Stronger evidence in courtrooms—it’s what every attorney, defendant, and plaintiff dreams of. Beginning in the last 1980s, this is exactly what began to surface through DNA profiling.

In addition to the one-of-a-kind pattern engraved on our fingers, each of us possesses a unique identifier that is built within our bodies. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic blueprint that determines our biological characteristics. DNA is a long molecule located in almost every cell in the human body. When we are conceived, we inherit half of our DNA from our mother and half from our father. Although every human’s DNA is 99.9% identical, the remaining 0.1% is enough to uniquely identify an individual. Our DNA is made up of about 3 billion base pairs, the building blocks of DNA composed mainly of carbon and sugar. The 0.1% (3 million) base pairs that make us unique are what constitute our DNA fingerprint.

Over the past 20 years, courts have been able to rely upon the consistent accuracy of DNA profiling, also known as DNA fingerprinting, to solve crimes. DNA profiling has even been used to solve crimes that are more than 30 years old.

Here’s how DNA profiling is done:

Specimens are collected from the crime scene. Anything can be used to extract DNA: Hair, blood, bodily fluids, etc. In some cases, victims may have scratched their attackers, in which case skin cells can be extracted from underneath the victim’s fingernails in order to identify the criminal

The DNA needs to be isolated and cut so that it can be matched against other samples. Special enzymes recognize patterns in the DNA and cut the strand

In a process called electrophoresis, the strands are then placed on a gel where they are separated an electric current passed through it.

The resulting fragments are compared against samples of all suspects and a match is determined.

DNA profiling is mostly used in sexual offences (60%), homicide (20%), assaults (7%), robbery (7%), criminal damage (1%), and other cases (5%).

DNA profiling narrows the list of suspects that authorities need to work through. The FBI commented that DNA profiling allows them to dismiss one-third of rape suspects because the DNA samples do not match. Authorities recognize the possibility of specimens being planted at crime scenes, and therefore continue to investigate the crime based on motive, weapon, testimony, and other clues in order to more accurately solve the case.

About the author:

Tom LeBaron is a marketing representative of DNA Bioscience and Sorenson Genomics. Receive your own free home

paternity testing kit, or learn more about

DNA profiling .

Crop Circles and Genetic Knowledge

Author: Robert Bruce Baird


The crop circle enigma is not always a hoax. I am not able to see how someone could do a massive design overnight in the cases where the plants have their stems broken from within. Yes, that is the case in what I consider the real crop circles. The wheat or other plants have the stalk exploded from within and the stalks can be bent at a distance up the stalk which would not happen if the use of weighty rollers was applied to them. Thus we are able to speculate many things but I see no reason for it to be aliens or at least not a visit in physical form by extra-terrestrials.

There are many segments of this book that cover the science of energy and its lattice designs that I think relate to this phenomena. The designs are sometimes advanced mathematical theorems and there are many Keltic designs. The Kelts or their Druids and shamans were in tune with the Earth Energy Grid and that Grid is part of the larger Cosmic Thought Field that Affinity connects across universe. Thus if it is a message from some intelligence inside the Earth’s ‘event horizon’ or local area network of dimensions we would expect to see Keltic designs if the Druids were in fact making representations of their attunements.

Why this simple factual and historically based observation is not made by other authors is beyond me. But I am constantly amazed by people’s ability to deny the simple and obvious that is around them all the time. I can see why the media and paid hacks in academic circles do not wish to integrate history and ancient advanced sciences like Harmonics into their writings. The governments do not want the truth of the ancient Brotherhood to become common knowledge. They benefit greatly by the common perception that man is advancing and improving and man once was stupid and superstitious or a barbarian and hunched-back cave dweller. But I am the proud part owner of artifacts that go back to the pre-Ice Age period which show giraffes and lions as well as kaleidoscopic stones that function as books or almost a video. Thus I am in possession of a form of proof seldom seen in the annals of propaganda called scholarly or academic.

There are many possible ways that these rocks and masks or other artifacts could be made. All the ways are outside of what we credit the ancients with having. Lasers, sound rays or sonic drills, and the ability to alter the structural make up of matter through spiritual or mental attunement are possibly involved. Intelligence or consciousness does associate or coagulate and form banks of energy similar to each other. I first wrote about this some four decades ago as a teenager trying to explain the phenomena of ghosts and elementals.

When two muons shielded from cosmic rays like gamma rays were separated in the deep mines formerly used by INCO at Sudbury in Canada something occurred that I think relates to this. They energized one muon and the other one that had been connected with it responded. Do we therefore have the right to say all energy is connected by what might be called ESP? Is this Intelligent Design or Affinity at work?

What level of connectiveness is man capable of if mere sub-atomic muons have such a medium for communicating? Is this important enough to consider and learn as was once done? String Theory tells us that all matter is comprised of or built from ‘one-dimensional harmonic forces’. Is this the LOGOS written about in the Bible (BBL in vowelless script that all languages once were)? Is the tower of Babel (BBL like the Bible and Byblos) that my Phoenician Kelts put into myths as the Father of Biblical Archaeology says is the case; when he says “The Bible is a Phoenician literary legacy”? Does anyone care to see and study these artifacts with me? Other correspondents of mine have similar rocks they go so far as to call a Philosopher’s Stone. One of them is a genetic researcher and the ancients attuned to the interior designs of the animals they bred which I have spoken or written about for those same four decades. Genetic knowledge transfers from person to person when the genes are passed in sex and procreation. This is written about by the esoteric schools of thought as fact for millennia. The Hobbit or Bonobos and so many other things are part of this – possibly? What do you think? Nah – I am just a nutcase.


There is something about the Hawkins clan that I like. My most adept and austere teacher was a Hawkins related to Black Jack the Privateer and I wonder if this man who died recently while happily flying his model airplanes is one of them. I think it is very possible that genetic information transfer is real. Mathematics and astronomy was his forte but he also had a gift for Public Relations when he ran the contest to pay a large sum to anyone who could do the math in Crop Circles.

“Perhaps the most obvious scientific investigation that can be performed, when one is confronted with the intriguing shapes that crop circles can take, is a geometric analysis of the symbols. This was the approach followed by Dr. Gerald S. Hawkins, former chairman of the astronomy department at Boston University. Hawkins was probably the first person who unambiguously demonstrated that crop circles are much more than just some arbitrarily sized and randomly positioned patterns in the fields. After reading the bestseller Circular Evidence, in which an extensive overview was given of all British crop circles for the period 1978-1988, Hawkins analyzed all formations presented in this book. (2) In those early years the pictograms still had simple shapes: single circles, multiple circles in a pattern, and circles with concentric rings around them. All diagrams were put through a straightforward mathematical analysis, during which the proportions of the circle diameters and the areas inside the rings were determined. A total of twenty-five pictograms were taken into account.

Hawkins discovered that the resulting ratios revealed a strong correspondence to the white keys on a piano keyboard… In simple terms it boils down to the fact that the white keys on a piano keyboard can be logically related to the ordinal numbers 0, 2, 4 5, 7, 9 11, and 12. {Pythagoras developed the modern octave in music and all the crop circles have something to do with the ‘Singing of the Spheres’ he developed as part of what is in the Great Pyramid he learned it from. Harmonics and the inter-relating lattices of earth and cosmic energy are involved and not aliens as I see it.} When Hawkins determined the geometrical ratios from the individual pictograms, he discovered that all of these corresponded to integer numbers.” (1)

About the author: Author of Diverse Druids Guest Writer at Columnist in The ES Press Magazine

The Non - Spatial Natural Selection (NSNS) or The NSTP Theory of Evolution

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

Some Background -

'To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree. Yet reason tells me, that if numerous gradations from a perfect and complex eye to one very imperfect and simple, each grade being useful to its possessor, can be shown to exist; if further, the eye does vary ever so slightly, and the variations be inherited, which is certainly the case; and if any variation or modification in the organ be ever useful to an animal under changing conditions of life, then the difficulty of believing that a perfect and complex eye could be formed by natural selection, though insuperable by our imagination, can hardly be considered real.' - Charles Darwin, On Natural Selection

'Natural selection is the blind watchmaker, blind because it does not see ahead, does not plan consequences, has no purpose in view.' - Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker

The Non - Spatial Natural Selection (NSNS) or The NSTP Theory of Evolution

Darwinian theory of natural selection is not a complete theory of evolution, rather far from it. There is, in addition, yet a dramatically different kind of natural selection where the non - spatial universal intelligence ( or software ) modulates the ( conceptually ) spatial species ( or structures ) and consequently selects them in order to execute the plan of design. The Darwinian natural selection is Spatial Natural Selection ( SNS ), while the later one, being a specific case or application of the NSTP theory, is Non - Spatial ( Computational ) Natural Selection ( NSNS ), which should now be called as Joshian Natural Selection. NSNS, through its idea of non - spatial computational intelligence creating orderly spatial illusion, answers the hardest biological problems such as the problem of cell development and differentiation ( ) or the problem of newly minted protein settling into the correct shape ( ), which the Darwinian theory of evolution, or, in general, the SNS completely fails to answer. And it is very clear that the Joshian ( Non - Spatial ) Theory of Evolution is at the heart of evolution, not the Darwinian ( spatial ) theory of evolution. In effect, the Darwinian theory of evolution is severely incomplete and hardly, if at all, answers how life develops.

The watchmaker is not blind but extremely intelligent, powerful, and a great foreseer. - Joshi

What is life ? - Erwin Schrodinger

From the NSTP theoretical perspective life is of two kinds :

1) Pseudo life - As space is a form of illusion to non-spatial mind, all spatial entities have pseudo life.

2) Real life - As feelings/consciousness is real/physical/material, all conscious entities, like I, have real life.

Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

About the author: None

The Superultramodern Scientific Explanation of the Fundamental Forces

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

Part I

The particle theorists' explanation of the fundamental forces -

1) Explanation of the force of repulsion -

'In quantum mechanics, the forces or interactions between matter particles are all supposed to be carried by particles of integer spin - 0, 1, or 2. What happens is that a matter particle, such as an electron or a quark, emits a force - carrying particle. The recoil from this emission changes the velocity of the matter particle. The force - carrying particle then collides with another matter particle and is absorbed. This collision changes the velocity of the second particle, just as if there had been a force between the two matter particles.' ( See Hawking 1996, p. 90 )

2) Explanation of the force of attraction -

It is the same as the description of the force of repulsion. For example, 'The gravitational force of the sun on the earth is pictured in particle theories as being caused by the emission of a graviton by a particle in the sun and its absorption by a particle in the earth.' ( See Hawking 1996, p. 217 )

a) Deficiency -

With reference to the particle theorists' description of the force of repulsion it is quite simple to see that its explanation of the force of attraction is totally inadequate. By the emission and absorption of graviton the two matter particles would rather go away ( or be repulsed ) from each other.

b) Principal deficiency -

The particle theorists' model does not at all explain how the matter particle, that emits a force - carrying particle, realises the presence of the other matter particle. In other words, the model does not explain how the emitter of the force - carrying particle knows when to emit a particle.

Part II

The Superultramodern Explanation -

According to the NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process) theory any basic force of attraction or repulsion is just a form of spatial illusion to non - spatial observer/s, where the illusion is modulated or orderly governed by some superhuman thoughts also existing in the form of non-spatial feelings. Any experimental evidence in support of the particle theorists' explanation is also a form of orderly spatial illusion.

Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

About the author:

Joshian Conjectures ( i.e. Superultramodern Scientific Conjectures )

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

Following are some conjectures of Kedar Joshi ( i.e. myself ) that are more or less essential to the superultramodern science.

1. Joshian Conjecture of Three Dimensional Space - Space has three and only three ( spatial ) dimensions.

Basis : i. There is no evidence to believe in hyperspace : space with more than three ( spatial ) dimensions. Also the NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) theory falsifies general relativity on its ontological side. This means that the experimental evidence in support of general relativity is in fact out of some superhuman thoughts existing in the form of ( non - spatial ) feelings. Three dimensional space is not curved in any fourth spatial dimension. ii. I cannot imagine / see / experience space with more than three ( spatial ) dimensions. Also my intuition supports my conjecture. ( i.e. conjecture 1 )

2. Joshian Conjecture of No Spatial Mechanism - There is no spatial mechanism responsible for most of the mysterious phenomena in nature / universe. In some cases, e.g. action at a distance in quantum mechanics, this conjecture is extremely strong, while in some other cases, e.g. the phenomenon of gamma ray bursts, it is not so strong. The NSTP theory states that the real / underlying / hidden mechanism of the universe is non - spatial, and thus demystifies the phenomena.

3. Joshian Conjecture of Flawed Reason - Reason itself is flawed. That is, no thought/s or reasoning ( not mere human but rather of any possible kind ) can ( rightly / accurately ) describe at least some of the aspects of the universe. This conjecture is actually the most likely possibility. For more information please consult the article 'Joshian Meditations ( i.e. Superultramodern Meditations )'. This conjecture puts a possible ( rather probable ) limit to science.

One of the basic principles of the superultramodern science, viz. 'anything may be possible, for that which is believed to be 100 % certain at present may be because of the limited intellectual capacities of the believer' implies that every theorem and axiom is, in fact, a conjecture. ( Rather should be seen / taken as a conjecture. )

Joshi's Law of Gravity - Gravity is neither a force nor a consequence of any space - time curvature. It is simply an orderly spatial illusion, modulated by some very intelligent / superhuman thoughts, to non - spatial observer / s.

If superultramodern scientific ideas are hypothetical then Newton's ideas ( e.g. force ) were also hypothetical and even ( precisely ) false. However, they were and still are regarded as scientific. Science is about knowing, through speculation. It's a systematic or reasonable guesswork where there is always, it seems, a room for new guesses modifying or overthrowing previous ones.

Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor. - Albert Einstein

About the author:

The Superultramodern Principia : The Foundations of Superultramodern Science (SS)

Author: Kedar Joshi

The Superultramodern Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (in short, The Superultramodern Principia) mainly combines The NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process) Theory and Conmathematics (Conceptual Mathematics). It also entails some other ideas of Dr Kedar Joshi like 'If reason itself is flawed', Great flaws in modern/ultramodern physics, The nature of science, mathematics, and philosophy, Superultramodern universal communism, etc. Its chief purpose is to lay down the foundations of Superultramodern science (physics, mathematical science, and philosophy).

So far philosophers/scientists have argued too much regarding the nature of mind, self, space, time, and, in general, reality. Now they should understand that the truth on these matters might be known not through too much thinking and debate, but through more or less self-evident propositions, straightforward reasoning, and possibilities. Either, if they are smart enough, they would appreciate it or dismiss it and thus fail to see the light forever.

- Dr Kedar Joshi, BSc MA DSc DA, PBSSI Cambridge, UK.

About the author: The Founder and President of 'Superultramodern Scientific Institution' (SSI).

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The Kensington Runestone

Author: Robert Bruce Baird

Contrary to the Hobbesian prediction of anarchy (freedom) and brutish or unproductive results in the event that elites (often termed 'beneficent paternalism') aren't fostered: we find lots of evidence that team play and open organizational structure actually creates more civilized and productive governance. Lincoln Electric in Cleveland is a well-documented example of how sharing the wealth and responsibility builds communication and profit. A Brazilian city named Porto Allegro that opened itself to citizen involvement and socialist ideals is flourishing as corruption wanes. It was predicted they would fail financially but more than a decade of good results has been the outcome. Singapore reduces government as a percentage of GDP and is fully modernized. Instead of 'expertise' being the solution, it might well be these technocrats in bureaucracies are the problem.

Archaeology Magazine has a frequent contributor named Professor Wiseman who comes under our critical gaze for all his fine 'expertise'. He truly has struck a sore spot in our view of what is real about the Runestone at Kensington. Most importantly he did his duty just after he was proven wrong in a conference of 'experts' from many of his own colleagues as well as other disciplines. It was February, 2001 when we read his 'Camelot in Kentucky' attack on the most speculative of all articles that hit the newsstands in early 2001, about Europeans in America or Diffusionist History. Shortly thereafter this organ of the gods of archaeology had a piece on the natural landforms of the desert that became the Sphinx and Pyramids. No credit due to man and science in ancient times is allowed, it seems. In fact all of us are mere 'post-modern speculative' trash as he would have it. We hit the ceiling and laughed simultaneously. Let's allow his own words to prove our point (again).

""Perhaps unwittingly, Stengel follows in the footsteps of the hyper-diffusionists, raising old hoaxes exposed long ago. He brings up once again the Kensington, Minnesota, Rune Stone with its account of Scandinavian visitors in 1392, which over the past century has been repeatedly rejected as a forgery by scholars, most recently by Stephen Williams, a curator emeritus of Harvard's Peabody Museum, in his book Fantastic Archaeology...

Refutation of baseless speculation {That is YOU, if you are thinking!} and repeated resurrection of previously exposed frauds and forgeries is a seemingly endless task. So it seems to the teachers who must explain year after year to new groups of students that reports of Celtic inscriptions in the Precolumbian Midwest or Phoenicians in Brazil are false. The problem is aggravated by a spreading notion in Western society that all opinions should be given equal weight and are valid until proven wrong. In this Post-Modern democratization of ideas, utter speculation by the uninformed ranks alongside the reasoned hypotheses of scholars and other experts in the field.""(9)

The Midwest Archaeology Conference held at the Radisson in St. Paul, Minnesota in the November before this article was printed found a completely different and more complete investigational answer. They had only one 'debunker' dissenter who thought Wiseman might be right. The historian with the records from the royal court of Norway. The top linguist who showed the flaws in earlier scholarship. No one alive at the time this stone was discovered could have known what information was held within the syntax and vernacular usages of the time it actually was written or inscribed. It was shortly thereafter that scholars saw these things yet it has been a hundred years and many books have been written. Three questionable witnesses have said their father or grandfather forged the stone. I guess you could liken them to jailhouse confessions but why did they need three different 'confessors' when only one did it in each case? The chemical engineer and all the other archaeologists present at this meeting were engaged in ""utter speculation by the uninformed ranks"" according to Prof. Wiseman and Archaeology Magazine.

There are people today engaged in ridiculing Farley Mowat because he is showing how the Scots of St. Albans came here before the Norse (if there is any difference between Pictish Scots and Gothic Norse) who settled L'Anse-aux-Meadows. You would think these people would know when they are beat, but the BIG LIE affects a large percentage of people who never really evaluate the facts. Mowat was a key factor in the battle to get the Norse point of view across in his book Westviking. One such ridiculer or paid hatchetman said Mowat has no experience in the north of the Canadian Arctic. My oldest brother's first wife's father was a missionary in the Arctic before becoming a Chartered Accountant. He lived with Farley for two years there. Farley came to our lake and visited, but I never met him. Let me assure you the experts often have no integrity. Their example is part of the reason why our kids lie and cheat (on tests in American schools, Reader's Digest said 78% ADMIT cheating.) or grow up to be lawyers and politicians.

About the author: Columnist in The ES Press Magazine guest expert Author of Diverse Druids

Alternative Energy Series Water - The Perfect Fuel

Author: Ed Howes

As a freshman in high school, I failed chemistry class due to an extreme disinterest in the entire subject. I do recall a demonstration in which the teacher hooked a large one and a half volt battery to a glass and wire electrolyzer that transformed water into separated hydrogen and oxygen. I would later learn that commercial hydrogen and oxygen producers also used this method in an inefficient manner that requires more energy than the fuel produced can generate through combustion.

In the late eighties I would learn that a boy genius in California learned to make hydrogen from water efficiently with a twelve volt battery and standard auto electrical system, during the 1970s. Around 1990, my machinist neighbor built a hydrogen generator that did not work due to defects in the plans the boy genius had drawn up in prison when he was no longer a boy.

My neighbor was not interested in correcting the defect when it was discovered and I was only a bit disappointed. My father was a hobby style inventor and he gave me a good idea for a cheaper and much more effective 12 volt hydrogen generator. I never got around to building it and decided there was no point in separating the oxygen and the hydrogen after splitting the water.

Because the hydrogen and oxygen have opposite electrical charges, they readily recombine as a compound I call hydrox. The man who discovered this gas and fooled with it to make underwater welders and cutting torches, named the gas after himself, so hydrox is also known as Brown’s gas. Simply put, hydrox is an oxygenated fuel, which means it burns hotter and faster than a non oxygenated fuel. In WWII the Germans used hydrogen peroxide as a liquid rocket fuel. H2O2 is a super oxygenated fuel, highly caustic, corrosive and dangerous to work with. Hydrox, however, is no more corrosive than water. Flat plate electrodes one sixteenth inch apart, made of stainless steel will last a long time if clean water is used. Clean water can be had from relatively inexpensive filters which can be carried on a vehicle. Having a good filter can also help supply one with potable water when clean water no longer flows from the pipes at home.

Big Energy talks only about a hydrogen economy - using expensive technology to manufacture a product that can be made inexpensively by anyone who wants it. The idea of water power is far too democratic to control. The rain falls both on the just and the unjust. If people put water in their fuel tanks and make enough fuel with a few watts of electricity that then makes kilowatts or megawatts of power in a combustion engine, who will buy hydrogen at fueling stations? Most Americans buy water cheaply compared to its value because of its relative abundance. In the U.S. it is usually cheaper to buy than to collect, store or drill for. Dry nations only need water pipelines from neighboring wet nations. Seaside countries can desalinate and filter sea water and pipe where needed. How can the corporate fascists gain control of water? Only by convincing everyone we need their new technology.

Water is to democratic energy access as the internet is to democratic discussion, information distribution and personal activism. This fact will be concealed for as long as possible and a few of us will be wise to the game. Without water we cannot live long. It exists in altered forms with special properties. When we know what there is to know about water, we will be wiser than any who have come before.

Engineers forge ahead building hydrogen fuel cells. These cells apparently generate electricity by recombining hydrogen and oxygen. This means that hydrox will not be suitable as fuel cell fuel. However, simple electrolysis costs little more to collect the two gasses separately and send them to the appropriate ports of the fuel cell. Thus, water can power these fuel cells as easily as combustion engines of many types, including jet and rocket engines. It is also likely from basic chemistry that steam is more easily electrolyzed than liquid water. Temperature rises speed chemical reactions. Steam is quite easy to create with combustion engines, which are the space heaters for the great outdoors.

I often wonder why greenhouse gasses are so readily blamed for global warming, while billions of super space heaters are seldom accused of much contribution. Fuel cells would be a fine solution to all this combustion heat. How many volcanoes would we need to equal the heat of transportation every day? Are we not burning up the planet one day at a time especially for the sake of corporate profit? Why do we so willingly play the game of don’t blame me, I just do as I’m told?

When water is our fuel, the environment does not suffer crisis when a spill occurs on a highway, an ocean or a storage container ruptures. When water is our fuel, old ships can run aground, break up in a storm and not destroy hundreds of miles of coastline and wildlife environment. When water is our fuel, cars do not burst into flame during rear end collisions. The great betrayers of humanity have known what I am saying for more than a hundred years, and don’t want us to have water power. Is it not time for some changes? Shall we choke ourselves and our children for corporate profits? What is our reward?

Hydrogen and hydrox are both gaseous fast burn fuels, just as vaporized alcohol, gasoline and diesel; except even faster burning with much greater power potential, also producing the usual oxides of nitrogen, unless in fact such oxides mostly form in slow burn engines due to the long burn time. In this case we can expect greatly reduced oxides of nitrogen with water fuel, as well. When we make water fuel at home we can operate stoves and heaters and combustion or fuel cell electric generators and make electricity for a few pennies per kilowatt. Do you imagine the electric utilities will be happy they do not need to purchase more generating capacity? Will they want us to supply them at wholesale prices? Could developing countries adopt water power and internet connections to vault ahead to the 21st Century? Is clean, cheap power a huge threat to all the traditional power? Of course it is. That is why the science savior has not provided us with this miracle of the 19th Century. How does it feel to be one or two centuries behind existing technology? Is it not shameful and embarrassing? Humiliating?

The corporate scientists, engineers and energy experts will continue telling us it is impossible to make hydrogen as cheaply as some garage and basement scientists and engineers have been doing for decades. The sad thing is we will just say OK, we believe you. There is no such thing as conspiracy except in the mind of radicals.

About the author: Freelance writer published on many websites and newspapers.

The Most Perfect Diamonds In The World And Where They Come From

Author: Frank Hague

Diamonds are allotropes of carbon , whose hardness and high dispersion of light make it useful for industrial applications and jewelry.

Diamond in Greek means ""impossible to tame"". Diamonds are found mainly in central and southern Africa ,although significant sources of the mineral have been discovered in Canada ,Russia ,Brazil ,and Australia.

There are Synthetic Diamonds and Natural Diamonds.

There is something so special about diamonds, and they are so valuable, that people have been trying to make them for a long time.

Synthetic diamonds were first produced in 1953, in Stockholm ,Sweden by ASEA ,Sweden's major electrical manufacturing company. Pressure was maintained within a device at an estimated 83,000 atmospheres for an hour to produce these diamonds.

It now seems that it is possible to make diamonds in a laboratory so perfect down to the same atomic structure that DeBeers, the world's largest diamond consortium, is running scared.

And you know what, these diamonds can be made and sold at a profit.

Apparently there are in Russia alone 5 laboratories producing synthetic diamonds that have the same atomic structure as natural diamonds but with ONE difference, they are too perfect. They have the same characteristics as real diamonds, the same hardness, same conductivity, the same sparkle.

Different types of Synthetic Diamonds

2 different processes are being used to produce Synthetic Diamonds:

The oldest process uses pressure, lots of it, and carbon.

Since diamonds are carbon, eventually people were able to make diamonds in this manner, but these diamonds were easily distinguishable from natural diamonds.

Originally, the pressure process was developed by GE and, by major manufacturers, on a much larger scale.

There is also a cubic press system.

The newest process actually grows diamonds layer by layer as a chemical process and is called Chemical vapor deposition. This process allows many new uses for diamonds which in the past had previously been either too expensive to implement or too difficult to make.

The most important characteristic of CVD diamond growth is the ability to control the properties of the diamond produced.

Diamonds are now being used to machine tools, especially for non-ferrous alloys. CVD diamond also has applications in electronics. Conductive diamond has been demonstrated as a useful electrode under many circumstances.

Diamonds are also being used as radiation detection devices. Diamonds also have uses as semiconductors because the diamonds can be contaminated with impurities.

Diamond is the ideal material. It can be used in computers to run them at speeds that would melt anything on the market today.

Diamonds can also replace rubies to make lasers of extreme power.

Diamonds can be used as memory storage devices which could be so small as to allow a cellphone to fit into a watch and an iPod to store 20,000 movies.

About the author: Frank Hague is very interested in diamonds.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Leonardo Da Vinci

Author: Robert Bruce Baird

THE BICYCLE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI: - “… a man who was at once an artist, an inventor, a scientist - and who saw no contradiction between these diverse realms.

In his unceasing quest for truth, Leonardo explored every branch of the sciences known to his age and proved to be far ahead in many respects in his precise observations, his striving for sound methodology and measurement, and the value he placed on empirical proof. 'No human investigation', he wrote, 'can be called true science without going through the mathematical tests… the sciences which begin and end in the mind cannot be considered to contain truth, because such discourses lack experience, without which nothing reveals itself with certainty."" (57)

This quote is from a semi-whitewash of a life full of conflict, especially with the church. They should emphasize the oppressive control over thought and creativity the church of Leonardo's day had over all sciences. In fact there was only one science - philosophy which in actual fact was just theology. So Leonardo's words take on a different meaning than they suggest. It is even more important than you might imagine because Leonardo was the head or ‘Nautonnier’ of the Priory of Sion. The authors are from Catholic Universities mostly, so we must forgive them when they claim to have fostered Leonardo's genius when in fact they did the opposite and it isn't till near the end of the book they note he was charged with being homosexual by these Inquisitorial suppressors of soul and thought.

There is a whole specialty of study devoted to Da Vinci's work but little truth and a lot of propaganda. Few are they who admit both he and his mentor were alchemists and the horrors of a life hidden behind lies and half-truths that resulted from the fear of being found out. It is a theme of many of the great scientists and their lives, and little credit is given to the courageous men and women who toiled to understand and the truth they shared is available. Why? Do we still fear others might do what they did or think? Think for themselves and question the authority which seeks to credit their approach to knowing.

The Scientific Method of observation and conclusion is said to have been discovered by Bacon. There is some truth to that, but which Bacon? Some say Francis and there is no truth in that even though he pretended to be an alchemist in his Rosicrucian or Masonic circles including John Dee and Ashmolean types. The better scholars attribute it to Roger Bacon who actually was an alchemist and spent a great deal of his life in dungeons after having ferreted himself away in the church as a monk for a long time. Metaphysics and independent thought can be a dangerous business and there are many current authors whose work is relegated to obscurity unless they learn how to appease the 'normative' or oppressive mindset. The sad part is that there is no benefit to anyone by such oppression. Not only is there abundance and creativity but those who know the soul will not NEED to clothe it in grandiose raiment. They will gladly work for the joy of utilizing their potential for the benefit of mankind rather than seeking to destroy others and life in general.

It is interesting that Napoleon (a Merovingian/Mason) made sure to get all of Da Vinci's work that was around when he conquered Milan, but I there is some of it that wasn't discovered until after that and it is most interesting. Da Vinci was a Johannite like Newton (another alchemist, whose Principiae Mathematica had a brief comment at its' start - 'This is much more than I should say; and much less than there is!'). Johannites believe the true prophet in Biblical times was John the Baptist and we are continuing to seek other Benjaminite and Masonic connections with him despite a sense that both Jesus and John the Baptist were operating from the same source. Would Napoleon have destroyed any Johannite writings if the Merovingian House of David and Judah or family of Jesus were concerned about Da Vinci's fame and credibility or writings? We cannot say such a thing and we aren't sure John wasn't a favourite of theirs as well.

The troubling thing about this book is the presentation of Da Vinci as a semi-competent who needed a Franciscan monk’s help. We like Francis of Assisi and don't doubt the church was watching over Leonardo just as they did all artists who were producing God's work. Yes, the church claimed all creative work was their property! They also controlled education just as they have in many places until this very day. Most likely Luca Pacioli (Franciscan) was under directions to keep Da Vinci in line and to make such things as we will see, remain hidden from the public. Da Vinci was before Galileo and you can be sure he would have met the usual gruesome heretical stake or fire after a few parts were titillated or cut along the way.

These are the words of the Catholic University academic which give a little insight to the conflict Da Vinci faced during these oppressive times when thought was even less well managed than today. ""Leonardo and Luca Pacioli worked together for many years, and as we have seen, the intervention of Master Luca was decisive. Nevertheless there existed between the two categories a social and hierarchical conflict, even if no one had ever placed in doubt the supremacy of the liberal arts as the only depositories of true science. And the one who rose up resolutely against the exclusion of the mechanical arts from the sphere of science {Such deceit to call what the church allowed people to think of, as science.}, or as it was then known, 'philosophy' was Leonardo."" (58)

The best part of the whole book for me is the bicycle. It has a chain drive mechanism that looks like a 19th century model of something he would have seen in the future. His representation is not engineered so perfectly that he would have been able to inspect it however. It had no steering mechanism, for example. On top of the original drawing that was discovered long after the death of all parties is a childish drawing of a penis to look like a cat with legs. Still they don't actually use words to say he was 'gay' and we know he would say something about this if he was alive today. It is a certain thing about propaganda - great people become more manageable after they die - you can 'spin' their image to your hearts desire. In the case of Jesus they make him over every century! I guess all the priests abusing children across North America and the court awards have made them a little sensitive - can you say risk management? Can you say hypocrites? They still exclude 'gays' from all sorts of things and marriage is just one of them. Maybe this is the area 'master' Luca was most instructive to Da Vinci?! It is an area of their expertise but what Da Vinci was able to produce, is not.

""While they recognize the unmistakable nature of this machine, the few scholars who have examined the drawing are decidedly reluctant to admit its antiquity. Since the application of the chain-drive goes back only to the end of the 19th century, they propose a dating of the drawing within the early years of the present century. Such a hypothesis, however, collides with insurmountable difficulties: (1) The page in question remained hidden for almost four centuries, and it is unimaginable that 70 or 80 years ago a boy would have obtained from the directorship of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana the permission to view the codex, detach one or two of the pages, and then draw upon them and glue them back again. (2) Even in that case, he would have drawn a bicycle of a type then existent, not one of wood with wheelbarrow wheels, {And this imaginary child the academics try to say drew the cat/penis, would have been a pretty smart kid to know the name of Leonardo's pupil/model/lover. There is a small matter of his signature.} no means of steering, and the teeth of the central gear so squared off that they could not be fitted to the chain. (3) The odd toothed wheels and the chain coincide exactly with those drawn by Leonardo in Codex Madrid 1, folio 10 recto. (4) We cannot separate the bicycle from the other drawings visible in folios 132 verso and 133 verso of the Codex Atlanticus. Actually they were drawn when the pages were united at the two halves of one page. Reuniting them, we see that another hand has drawn, also in pencil and from left to right, two pornographic drawings obviously meant as a joke, over which, on the right side, is clearly written 'salaj', that is, Salai, the name of Leonardo's pupil, model and servant...To become a reality, the idea required the final solution of some challenging problems such as the matter of steering and the adaptation of the large squared off teeth with their jutting comers to the links of the chain… Salai entered Leonardo's house in 1490, aged 10.” (59)

How did Leonardo draw about half of the design of such as bike? The best answer is that he looked into the 'Philosopher’s Stone' of his patron/alchemist or he developed one of his own like Nostradamus. It is not an easy thing to do, but I think he could have done it. If he actually traveled through time he would have been able to draw a bike and many other things like his famous helicopter. When looking into a 'Stone' there are many confusing images of possible future and jumbled realities. We know that many within the Catholic Church have studied these things (e.g. Aquinas) and that they know about the 'Stone'. In recent times a Catholic cleric developed a Chronovisor in conjunction with top physicists including Enrico Fermi, according to one report I have seen.

We know they would have been very concerned about Leonardo telling the world about many things he knew. The Gnostics were heretics because they said things like: 'The Original Sin that separates us from God is Ignorance!' Who is passing on whether or not you are a heretic because you believe in the possibility of a 'Stone' today? Yes, most of society! Few have any idea of what an alchemist is or what contributions they've made to humanity, the quantum physicists were called 'atom-mysticists' when they spoke of the things chaos science and alchemy has studied for over 13,000 years. This is why we don't need an Inquisition. Because the media and education system is more effective!

The titles and grandiloquent appointments of the egotistical chest-beating ecclesiasts who follow in the footsteps of the money- changers whose tables Jesus over-turned in the Roman-backed Temples are so fantastic that any impressionable person can easily think THEY must know! This is the technique of 'The BIG lie!' If you make an ass of your true self (the soul) by saying you are 'Holy' and an 'Emperor', it is no matter. Just continue to add all the nations and states you have under your control. Say you are the sole representative of God on earth, and that the universe revolves around you. It might work as well as saying disease comes from 'sins and demons' and 'women are the harbingers of THE Original Sin'. Actually any human is able to know what Jesus called 'the living father within'. Are we really out of the influence of the 'Dark Ages'? I'd like to debate that with the Pope or some other proselyte.

About the author: guest writer Author of Diverse Druids Columnist in The ES Press Magazine,

Human Origins

Author: Robert Bruce Baird

The issue of human evolution going back at least 9,000,000 (nine million) years and possibly even being upright by that time is another of the facts which when in my youth seemed totally ridiculous. Actually many mystics said it goes back twelve million years to when what could be called the missing link occurred. The matter of whether we descended from apes is still up in the air and more importantly it would appear the mystics were right about cross-breeding and shamanistic attunements to affect such things in many life forms. These qualitative or spiritual changes are reflected in an individual’s life as they now prove the brain itself can evolve and change structure with the studies of Buddhist Monks and concert pianists or the likes of Hank Wesselmann who was helped by his shaman wife. Hank’s brainwavelength is more controllably able to reach the same frequency as psychic surgeons and top Yogis as shown in a University of Illinois study.

I was touting the importance of Flores Island and the sea travel technology for years before the recent discovery of the Hobbit-like creature there. Some researchers say it is a cross between a chimp and a hominid. That would dovetail with the also currently-being-researched Bonobos who are a cross between a chimp and a gorilla. The Portuguese baby that is half Neanderthal is proof of cross-breeding despite the fact that these attunements are not traceable through DNA analysis as I see it. The following excerpt from an article in 2004 does not mention that researchers of human lice are now going on to check pubic lice in order to prove cross mating occurred. There will be debate no matter what they find but I think it speaks to much of the sex magic in Tantra and Dragon or serpent lore including what Sir Laurence Gardner and the Rosicrucians have written about.

“But it turns out that DNA analysis shows there are two distinct sub-species of head lice in humans. All over the world, except in western North America, they are the same. But there is a population of lice along the Pacific coast of North America which have been evolving separately from the rest of the world for about 1.8m years. The only way to make sense of this is to assume that their separate development took place on Homo erectus, who also split off from our hominid ancestors about that time ago.

So how could these lice have reached their present, wholly human hosts? It seems to me that this could only have happened through some act of primal genocide when Homo erectus met Homo sapiens somewhere in eastern Siberia. Lice can only travel between living bodies, or very freshly dead ones. If the transmission had been from living bodies, we would expect the same pattern in bodily lice. It isn't there. Nor is there any trace of Homo erectus in our DNA. So the lice must have come from very fresh corpses and it is hard to suppose that they had died peacefully just before the intruders turned up. The story of ""Ebu Gogo"" sounds more improving. According to local villagers, these creatures were around until about a century ago: three feet tall, hairy, and speechless, though they could imitate human speech, like parrots. The villagers tolerated them and even fed them, though they would only eat raw food, until they stole and ate a baby. They drove them from their cave with blazing bales of grass. Shortly thereafter, the villagers themselves moved off and western settlers arrived. The cave where the Ebu Gogo lived has not been found. But if it is - and scientists are looking - it might yield some extraordinary remains.

These wouldn't be technological. Perhaps the saddest aspect of the whole story is the slow loss of technology it implies. Ebu Gogo seems to have been a descendent of Homo erectus, also known as Java man, who reached the island about 840,000 years ago. This was almost certainly something that required boats, which seem a pretty human-level technology.

But because Flores is so far from anywhere that only boat-users or very strong swimmers - like elephants - can reach it, the mammals there seem to have shrunk to cope with the lack of food. The tiny hominids hunted a race of dwarf elephants, and ate for preference their babies, whose charred bones have been found in the cave. So they had fire once. They had tools, too; and presumably language. But their brains had shrunk to a quarter of the size of ours.

The Ebu Gogo recorded by the villagers had forgotten what language was for; they used no tools, and ate their food raw. At some stage, perhaps, their brains had shrunk so much that they were no longer truly human. The moral seems hard to escape. What makes us human is not our moral qualities. Ultimately, it's a question of getting enough to eat to grow the brains that are big enough for morality - and, indeed, genocide. * Andrew Brown is the author of The Darwin Wars: The Scientific War for the Soul of Man and In the Beginning Was the Worm: Finding the Secrets of Life in a Tiny Hermaphrodite. He also maintains a weblog, the Helmintholog (” (1)

The day after I posted the above I found that science now proves mamals were not only living far longer ago than we thought but they were evolved enough to be eating small dinosaurs. This makes it possible to speculate about an even older cultured mammal on earth as well as the probability that earlier hominids were more evolved than we thought. GGUAPI5M1.DTL

About the author: guest expert The ES Press Magazine columnist Author of Diverse Druids

Superultramodern Ethical / Aesthetical Relativism (SEAR)

Author: Kedar Joshi

According to Superultramodern Ethical/Aesthetical Relativism (SEAR) nothing is absolutely good or bad (or beautiful or ugly), but, as Shakespeare said, thinking makes it so. The novelty in SEAR is its foundations. A thinks C (say an idea) is good while B thinks C is bad. Now it seems that there can be no logical or conceptual criteria to determine if A, for example, is right or wrong. The law of syllogism ( if p implies q and q implies r then p implies r ), for example, is logically true in the sense that one ( at least I ) has to think ( apart from the principle of universal doubt ) that it is true and if someone thinks it to be false then it is his/her inability to see the truth in the law of syllogism or, more importantly, to understand what the law of syllogism states or the concepts it involves. So the principles like the law of syllogism are supposed to be eternal as they cannot be otherwise. They have to be the way they are forever, regardless of individual minds. However, this does not apply to ethical judgments, as one can reasonably think otherwise. The concepts good and bad allow far more flexibility, and if one, for example, thinks that it is good to hurt others for one's own pleasure, this thinking involves no conceptual contradiction, as that is the way that person defines the concept of goodness. And how can there be any logical/conceptual/reasonable restriction on how one defines goodness or badness ? In case of the law of syllogism once we are clear about the terms p, q, r, and implication, the truth cannot logically/conceptually/ reasonably be denied. Ethical concepts are thus vague concepts. Concepts like implication, on the other hand, are concrete or clear. ( It is a different thing that if we mean to call dog, for example, as implication then it is a mere attaching of the label 'implication' to the concept of dog as 'dog' is also nothing but a label attached to some concept. )

In this particular world majority of people more or less agree on ethical definitions because their minds are constructed that way ( i.e. Programs are created to generate appropriate states of consciousness.) In the NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) theoretical terms if the non - spatial universal program is changed people would disagree or think different way/s.

SEAR is a component of Superultramodern Science (SS).

About the author: None

Friday, July 28, 2006

Superultramodern Science (SS)

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

Superultramodern Science (SS) - It's a new paradigm; superultramodern paradigm; a paradigm change. Modern/ultramodern scientists are inventing more and more complex theories (e.g. string theories) within the same paradigm (space existing really/physically out there). However their (modern/ultramodern) paradigm itself is incapable of solving big questions (like the nature and physics of mind, mystery of quantum non-locality, Zeno's paradoxes, etc.). So a new framework; a new (and, by itself, conceptually necessary) way of looking at the world; Superultramodern Science (SS). SS is constituted of 12 theoretical components which are stated and briefly summarised below.

1. Superultramodern Scientism (SSism ) - Attempts to justify the definition of science as a systematic body of knowledge and thus to show that some kind of philosophy could, in fact, be science.

2. Superultramodern Epistemology [ Theory of Knowledge ] ( SE ) - Constituted of 6 sub-components namely : a. The principle of universal doubt b. I, as a subject, being at the centre of investigation c. I feel therefore I am. d. The FR (Flawed Reason) theory e. Superultramodern unification f. Superultramodern philosophical methodology 3. The NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) Theory : Non - Spatial Universal Mechanics (NSUM) - The theory that the material universe is exclusively a group of thinking process/es existing in the form of non-spatial feelings.

4. RGM ( Resolution of Great Mysteries ) : Superultramodern Unification (SU) - Proposes a unique solution to great many challenging problems in science/philosophy using the unificatory NSTP theory.

5. ROS ( Rehabilitation of Occult Sciences ) : Astrology, Numerology, Telepathy, Mysticism (ANTM) - Provides (scientific) explanations for astrological, numerological, telepathic, and mystic phenomena.

6. The FMUP ( Flawed Modern / Ultramodern Physics ) Theory : Superultramodern Physics (SP) - Points out flaws in modern/ultramodern physics and states superultramodern physics free of those flaws.

7. Superultramodern Religion ( SR ) - Brings out a critique on Christianity; presents new definitions of God/god; and shows how religious experiences could be explained.

8. Conmathematics ( Conceptual Mathematics ) : Superultramodern Mathematics (SM) - States and explains the Joshian conjecture of three - dimensional space : that space has three and only three spatial dimensions. Conmathematics is constituted of 4 sub-components namely : a. Conmathematical definition of mathematics b. Philosophy as mathematics c. Conceptual reconstruction of pure mathematics d. Conmathematical foundations of pure mathematics Also, presents solutions to the following : a. Russell's paradox b. Three of the seven millennium problems in mathematics

9. The FR ( Flawed Reason ) Theory - The theory that reason itself might be flawed. That is, at some point reason probably breaks down.

10. Superultramodern Engineering ( SEng ) - Application of the NSTP theory. Modulating the spatial illusion or consciousness with meditation.

11. Superultramodern Ethical / Aesthetical Relativism ( SEAR ) - Argues that ethical and aesthetical concepts are relative and thus they cannot be defined in absolute terms.

12. Superultramodern Problems ( SPro ) - States the (unsolved) problems which are byproduct of superultramodern science.

-Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

About the author: None

The FMUP ( Flawed Modern / Ultramodern Physics ) Theory : Superultramodern Physics (SP)

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

The FMUP theory states that modern ( and ultramodern, as extremely modern ) physics is flawed, not absolutely but quite considerably. Following is a list (not necessarily exclusive) of those flaws with brief descriptions. [ The flaws are then resolved with the NSTP ( i.e. non - spatial mechanical ) framework, forming Superultramodern Physics. ]

1. Space - Time Entanglement - Space and time are neither entangled in (strict)physical nor a logical sene. Time varies with space because production of appropriate states of consciousness. Time, like space is a mere experience or illusion, so to say. If the instructions for production in the non - spatial universal software are varied time would no longer be entangled with space.

2. Ontology / Physics of Space - Time Curvature, String Theory, Etc. - Space - time curvature does not exist as a physical / real entity out there but is rather an idea in the universal NSTP (or, in computer terminology, universal non - spatial software). According to the string theories the strings are supposed to be infinitely thin, which is logically impossible. So the strings also exist, if at all, as ideas like space - time curvature.

3. Relativity of Mass - The absolute speed of time does not imply that mass is relative. Mass has to be defined as a bulk / substance or quantity of matter. For example, in electron acceleration experiment, the mass of electron remains constant. However, its increasing resistance to acceleration (as its speed is increased) is controlled by the hidden non - spatial universal program. As a corollary, mass is not transformed into energy but rather illusion / feelings are created as representation of energy. Mass, as a bulk, remains constant.

4. Time Machine and Relativity of Time - Time, being a form of illusion or experience, is inherently relative. That is, it does not need relativity theory or the speed of light constant or absolute principle to prove that time is relative. Thus, to get into past is to reproduce the (non - spatial) states of consciousness as existed in the past (rather as we at present feel they existed in the past). And to build a time machine is to be able to actually reproduce them through varying the non - spatial universal software.

5. Newton's Laws of Motion - Newton's laws of motion and his principle of universal gravitation is not logically necessary. They (that is the phenomena) could be changed by changing the non - spatial universal program.

6. Laws of Thermodynamics - The same story as Newton's laws of motion.

7. Mechanism of Basic Forces - Please consult my article 'The Superultramodern Scientific Explanation of the Fundamental Forces'.

8. Uncertainty Principle - The position and momentum of a particle could be measured with absolute certainty. The present limitations on measurement are technical and not theoretical. This is because particle and wave are two separate entities. If particle could be traced without disturbing it there would be no involvement of the wave feature. The behaviour of the particle is actually moderated by the logic of wave encrypted in the non - spatial universal program. However, when particle is replaced by wave ( i.e. particle disappears from the picture, as space is a form of illusion, and its reappearance is determined by the logic of wave ) the position of particle is determined with absolute randomness or apparent randomness ( if hidden variables are present ).

9. Schrodinger's Cat Paradox - According to the point no. 8, there is no superimposition of quantum states. Particle never exists at both places simultaneously and thus the situation does not involve any logical/conceptual paradoxes. Thus cat does not have to be both dead and alive or neither dead nor alive simultaneously. It is rather either dead or alive. And at any rate cat's world of experience ( assuming it is conscious ) is physically different from that of the observer's. So cat could be actually dead but found alive by the observer as death to cat means annihilation of all of its states of consciousness while its being alive to the observer means it's being seen to be active spatially.

10. Einstein's Equivalence Principle ( Acceleration and Gravity are Equivalent ) - This principle is a mere mathematical convenience, where the term mathematics is taken to mean in a very narrow or limited sense. Actually acceleration and gravity are different in the sense that gravity is one of the forms of acceleration.

Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Superultramodern Scientism (SSism)

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

Superultramodern Scientism (SSism) is Scientism of Superultramodern Science (SS). Without SSism, SS would be seen as a philosophy instead of science. SSism agrees with the definition of Science as a systematic body of knowledge. More systematic a body of knowledge is the more scientific it is.

SSism is essentially based on its critique of logical positivism as well as falsificationism and the principle of universal doubt. :

1. Critique of logical positivism -

Logical positivism is a doctrine that if some theory ( that is supposed to be speaking about the nature of physical /material reality ) is not verifiable then it is meaningless or absurd. SSism states that the meaning of a theory has nothing to do with its verifiabitlity but rather the nature of concepts it involves. ( This is axiomatic. )

2. Critique of logical falsificationism -

Logical falsificationism is a doctrine that if some theory ( that is supposed to be speaking about the nature of physical / material reality ) is not falsifiable then it is unscientific. Thus it is instead metaphysical, if at all meaningful. SSism states that falsifiability of a theory has nothing to do with its being scientific. (This is axiomatic.)

3. The principle of universal doubt -

It is the principle that 'anything may be possible' for what is believed to be 100 % certain at the moment may be because of the limited intellectual capacities of the believer. This suggests that no part / kind of science (including pure mathematics) is to be seen as absolutely certain. Thus the idea of science reduces to the idea of systematic body of knowledge where each group or proposition has its own probability attached to it.

The word philosophy, as it is distinguished from science, is misleading, as it means what philosophy contains is impossible to be a systematic body of knowledge and what science contains is certain or proved.

Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

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Author: Terry Dashner

918-451-0270, Terry Dashner

I think you will benefit from this story told by author Robert Hastings. Dr. Hastings is a native of Illinois and has written many books with stories which are as good as, or better than, this one. Enjoy.

Although Robert Koch proved to the world that diseases are transmitted by microbes or germs invisible to the human eye, it was the French chemist Louis Pasteur who discovered how to use weakened microbes to inoculate against all kinds of infectious diseases.

His first successes were with anthrax and chicken cholera. Next he turned to a search for the deadly virus of hydrophobia. But before he could develop a serum of weakened hydrophobia microbes, he must first find and isolate the killer virus.

To do this, it was necessary for Pasteur to experiment with dogs that were mad with rabies. In the lab he would stick his beard within inches of their fangs so as to suck froth into glass tubes. Using these specimens, obtained at such risk of life, he hunted the microbe of hydrophobia.

And succeed he did. But the serum had to be proven. The first subject was a nine-year-old boy by the name of Joseph Meister from Alsace. His mother came crying to Pasteur’s laboratory, leading her pitiful, whimpering, scared child, hardly able to walk from the fourteen gashes inflicted by a mad dog. ‘Save my little boy,’ she begged. It was the night of July 6, 1885, when Joseph became the first recipient of the weakened microbes of hydrophobia in human history. After fourteen inoculations, the boy went home to Alsace and had never a sign of the dreadful disease.

When there were a dozen other serious diseases whose microbes had not yet been found, why did Pasteur risk his life to experiment with the deadly hydrophobia?

The answer may be from his childhood. ‘I have always been haunted,’ he said, ‘by the cries of the victims of a mad wolf that came down the street of our town when I was a little boy.’

Interesting. Sometimes fear paralyzes us into useless inaction. But there are other times when fear can goad us into worthwhile action. Pasteur channeled his fear from childhood into a positive force that saved lives. Fear can be all consuming and destructive, but wise is the person who will conquer fear by directing it in a constructive way. Foolish is the person who allows his fear to immobilize him. Channel fear forward. Don’t internalize it. It can motivate you or stifle you. It’s always your choice.

Terry Dashner tdash0355atnetzerodotcom

About the author: Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK.

The FR ( Flawed Reason ) Theory

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

FR ( Flawed Reason ) theory is a theory that reason itself is ultimately flawed. That is, at some point Reason breaks down. It is not just a matter of human reason but Reason itself.

FR theory, at least at this stage, does not say that it is certain ( 100 % or 99.99...% taking the principle of 'anything may be possible into account ) that Reason is flawed. Rather it is supposed to be probable ( considering the secretive and awesome character of the universe / reality and the trust in human abilities that something is seriously unlikely if possible at all ).

FR theory is inferred from the problem of creation ( of the ephemeral / non - eternal / in usual terms, material universe ) and the possibility that what seems to be the eternal or logically necessary aspect of the universe was also thoughtfully / orderly created ( for example, the order and disorder amongst prime numbers could be a matter of creation ).

FR theory thus states that (some) logical / conceptual paradox/es do ( probably ) exist and are unresolvable. For example, in case of the problem of creation, the problem is meaningful but its solution is even logically / theoretically impossible ( which is an incomprehensible state of affair ). In other words, there can be no understanding of the deepest aspect/s of the universe, to any sort of mind.

Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

The language of the universe is absurd. - Kedar Joshi.

About the author: The Father of Superultramodern Science (SS) Founder and President of Superultramodern Scientific Institution (SSI) Inventor of 1. The NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) Theory 2. Conmathematics ( Conceptual Mathematics ) 3. The FR ( Flawed Reason ) Theory

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Superultramodern Problems ( SPro )

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

The Most Challenging (Unsolved) Problems in Superultramodern Science (SS)

1. What are Superhuman Thoughts ? ( How to Understand Them ? )

2. How to Modulate the Central NSTPs ? In particular, how to change the values of the parameters in the central NSTPs ?

3. What is the Divine Design (both eternal and non - eternal) ?

4. The Problem of Creation of the Non - Eternal Universe

5. Is Human Reason Flawed ?

6. Is Reason Itself Flawed ?

7. How to Verify or Falsify the NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) Theory ?

I reckon that solutions to these problems are beyond human intellect. If one solves these problems it has to be regarded as Superhuman, the state of being distinctively higher to human.

Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

About the author: Creator of Superultramodern Science (SS)

Human Cultural Evolution(?)

Author: Robert Bruce Baird

Human Cultural Evolution:

If we think about it at this juncture, clearly there is little to commend this Judaeo/ Christian/Islamic God if he is represented by the people who led this church. Pagans have a far better history and stand foursquare and ‘head and shoulders’ above this God of this often re-written Bible. The separation of man from his soul; man from his equal (woman); man from Nature and man from most all that is good; is all I see! Maybe Melchizedek or some other Biblical character (like the Mormon secret society is named after) will be raised up and made a new savior. Maybe it will be John the Baptist (the Johannites and Benjaminites) or it might even be one of the censored people of the Bible like Jasher who will be re-cycled and make it appear they’ve changed. Whatever it is, I don't want the same structure and would like to see people DOING what Jesus did. Thinking for themselves and communing with his soul 'within' to touch the beauty in all nature!

We can't expect people to read such a totally different picture of history and not challenge our ideas. We are including the best scholars we can and yet there will be many who are so threatened they will say all kinds of bad things about us. We know that there are risks and that the ‘powers that be’ will not help make this 'stuff' become common knowledge. The Hermetic 'cults' of Egypt and Greece that were so popular when people were allowed to follow knowledge (more) in the early Hellenistic times were from Isis and Osiris. They were the founders of Egypt who were not Gods. Like Moses and Jesus who the rabbis tell us became the object of hero worship so it has often been with great people once they are dead. Priests take the peoples' good opinion of their heroes and turn them into 'cults' with themselves as the key interpreters.

Readers who study hard and have an open mind will find a veritable mine field of ‘stuff’ to try to sift through in order to find any essence of truth. I see some great truth might exist as I contemplate the naturally growing nanotubes and lattices or helixes that all energy manifests through. The whole universe vibrates according to an intelligent design such as mathematically demonstrated by Dembski. There is no reason to have made Darwin out to be a pure evolutionist. His Theory of Love is just as important. Although he was forced to differentiate himself from Lamarck he was in fact inspired by him. Few enough are the scientists who see there are divergent forces at work in all truthful outcomes. The quality of energy is as important as the quantity of energy, in whatever forces impact mutation. It is not unreasonable to say there is a collective force with purpose in some Divinely Providential construct. It is folly however, to think a mere human might fully comprehend it. That kind of ideology smacks of religious claptrap, I know. Nonetheless I propose there is merit in Dembski and all open-minded evaluations of what might be. We are often seeing the science or present fad therein proclaims an absolute proof that is subsequently proven false. I like the atomic physicists who were called atom-mysticists at first. Neils Bohr was one of them and he observed something like the following: “A great truth has an opposite, which is also true. A trivial truth has an opposite which is only a falsehood.”

We have endured the ‘experts’ of mechanistic professionalism far too long. Their ego has made them cling to fads and fictions with the most ignorant among us. When Edison’s phonograph was presented to the Paris Academy of Sciences they throttled the presenter as they claimed he was a ventriloquist. At the end of the 19th Century a Patent Office Official said they should close down because everything that could be discovered had been already patented. This is the kind of sunshine law that all bureaucracies should install but not because they are right about no more inventions being possible. Even worse is the early 20th Century Britannica proclaiming torture was a thing of the past in ‘civilized’ Europe? Clearly we must do our own thinking.

“Although Darwin was in the habit of repudiating violently any intimation that he had profited from Lamarck, we have already seen that he was acquainted at an early age with English versions of the latter’s work and in 1845 there is a reference in an unpublished letter to Lyell (Biblio: In the possession of the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.) regarding ‘my volumes of Lamarck.’” (1)

Lamarckian evolutionary theory allows for the mix of creation and the impact of directed creative and psychic or soulful participation. If God is everything and we all act in concert, there is a powerful collective force to be reckoned with. We might even change the nature of our Noble leaders by holding them in the light. Let us not cling to theory that faith or fad alone limits and selects facts to fit the prevailing ‘norm’. Dembski must not be censored and censured by the biologists who fight to maintain their stranglehold on evolutionary theory. Charles Fort and Arthur Koestler are as wise as any who have ‘observed’ in the last century and they would not encourage such censure, I am sure. Creation should not be laid at the feet of God and we are part of God, we must act responsibly and with right action and thought. Come with me, and bring an open-mind that you can assimilate and later test. I will endeavour to see the ‘light’ in all its harmonizing glory. Barthold Niebuhr put the adventure in these relevant words:

“He who calls what has vanished back again into being, enjoys a BLISS like that of creating.”

Thor Heyerdahl was such a person. His insight changed a lot of academic attitudes as he proved many things held sacred were anything but correct. We need to provide far better reason for a change in opinions than the prevailing paradigm if only because they have such a stranglehold on opinion. The propagandists have many writers and academics at their beck and call. This has been true for many millennia, and they have had the ability to destroy most evidence that would disprove their fictions or myths. That is one reason why linguistics and botany or other forensic tools are the best evidences for our effort to present an alternative history. Even when a 99% archaeological certainty that fits facts and established criteria to keep much truth out of the realm of accepted evidence – such as the Roman statue or head found in Mexico – there are those who debunk it or make it seem unimportant.

My personal knowledge of statues at Chichen Itza convinces me there were many Etruscan and Greek artisans at work in Central America. If you ever go there be sure to drop in on the Villas Archaeologique. As you read Heyerdahl in the following quote be cognizant that five separate forensic labs have concurred that cocaine from Peru was part of the diet the mummies of Egypt enjoyed. Balabanova was well aware of the implications of this upon world history. That is why she had all the other labs test her results. Lanning provides artefacts detailing those involved in this trade. These secrets were very important to the potion makers or pharmacists of the ancient world. Hallucinatory drugs probably started the Phoenicians down this road a long time before Egypt. Our artefacts and evidence on stone and bas-reliefs includes the ancient handshake of the Phoenician enterprise that I think Moses and his family benefited from for a very long time.

“Preconceived opinions on the lack of maritime activity in pre-Spanish America have also affected the botanical discussions of the origin of the common garden bean, ‘Phaseolus vulgaris’. Last century Könicke, in a paper on the home of the garden bean, pointed out that this crop plant was formerly generally accepted as having been cultivated in Europe by the ancient Greeks and Romans, under the name of Dolickos, Phaseolus, etc. The cultivation of the same bean among the Aborigines of America was therefore explained as the result of its post-Columbian introduction from the Old World by the early Spaniards. (2) This was the theory until Wittmack discovered in 1880 the common garden bean among the archaeological excavations of Reiss and Stübel at the prehistoric cemetery of Ancon, Peru. (3) It was there found interred as food with mummy burials long antedating the European discovery of America. Here was suddenly ample proof of the pre-European cultivation of ‘Phaseolus’ in America, and beans were subsequently recovered from pre-Incan sites along the entire coast of Peru. At this time, however, pre-Columbian specimens of the ‘European’ bean were no longer accessible. The view was taken, therefore, that the Old World ‘Phaseolus’ must after all have originated in aboriginal ‘America’, and been carried back thence to Europe by the early Spaniards. (4)

{Some have gone so far as to say that bird droppings are the result of all these plant migration. The Yam or American sweet potato turned the tide for the champion of Euro-centric history in botany and zoology. He had to confess he had been wrong after decades of fighting the point. Why then do we celebrate the SLAVER Columbus? Is it not to maintain a colonial secret of deceit upon which our sovereign nations are founded? The Incans had a style of government that utopian philosophers like Sir Francis Bacon used as the model in writing about possible forms of great government.}

More recently Hutchison, Silow and Stephens pointed out, with corroborative botanical evidence, that the ‘Phaseolus’ beans represent but one more indication of contact between the Old and New World before Columbus. (5) The same problem concerns varieties of the lima bean, ‘Phaseolus lunatus’, growing wild in Guatemala and common in the earliest Chimu and Nazca graves of coastal Peru. In 1950 Sauer points to certain very early genetic peculiarities of a race of lima beans of primitive characteristics long under cultivation in parts of Indonesia and Indo-China, and says: ‘If, then, south-eastern Asia should prove to be a reservoir of the more primitive lima beans, long since extinct in Peru and Mexico, a further problem of the time and manner of trans-Pacific connection is raised by which the American bean was communicated to the native population across the Pacific.’ (6) The same problem is also raised by a related bean, the jackbean, or swordbean, ‘Canavalia’ sp. Stoner and Anderson have called attention to the following: ‘The sword bean (‘Canavalia’), widely cultivated throughout the Pacific and always considered to be of Old World origin, is now known from prehistoric sites along the coasts of both South America and Mexico.’ (7) ‘Canavalia’ beans excavated from the stratified deposits at Huaca Prieta on the Pacific coast of Peru, date from between 3000 and 1000 BC. (8) Sauer states that its archaeological distribution and relation to wild species now indicate the jackbean as a New World domesticate. (9)

The above brief survey will show that, not only has anthropological thought for nearly a century been biased by ethno-botanical evidence, but to a quite considerable extent anthropological presuppositions have similarly affected American botany. The literature on the origin and spread of certain American and Pacific island cultigens demonstrates that many botanical assumptions have been based on the conviction that the New World was isolated from the rest of the world prior to the voyage of Columbus. Similarly, it has been taken for granted that only Indonesian craft could move eastwards into the open Pacific, whereas the culture of the South American people was presumably confined to their own coastal waters due to the lack of seaworthy craft. The material reviewed above shows that there is adequate evidence of aboriginal export of American plants into the adjacent part of the Pacific island area… Merrill favours Africa as the original homeland of the gourd, and proposes that it reached America across the Atlantic. (10) If the 13-chromosomed cultivated Old World cotton, together with wild American species, were actually employed in the hybridization of the 26 chromosomed New World cotton species then an overseas introduction from the Old World is by far shorter and easier with the westward drifts across the open Atlantic than against the elements across the six times wider Pacific, where no 13-chromosomed cottons exist. The coconut was relayed straight across the Pacific. If it originated in tropic America where all related genera occur, it must have spread with the earliest Pacific voyagers, since it was present in Indonesia at the beginning of the Christian era. The yam has a similar complete trans-Pacific distribution… the same strong ocean river, sweeping from Mexico straight to the Philippines should be taken into account.” (11)

The dyeing industry of Phoenician purple is in Peru as well as Mexico, and it was a critical and valuable export of Tyre. There are heraldic similarities and customs galore which we will continue to show. The purpose of adding these tidbits to all the other ones I have covered in other books is to demonstrate two things. First and foremost (for the purposes of this book), we can see academics and science are frequently wrong. Wrong, and motivated! Secondarily there is the matter of megaliths and henges, Pyramids and dolmen or Round Towers that are all over the World. They are key components of the Neolithic Library system that encompassed all the ‘Brotherhood’ of man in a spiritual and growth oriented culture of tolerance and egalitarian morals.


1) Darwin's Century, Evolution and the Man Who Discovered It., by Loren Eisely, 1958, Doubleday, 1961, pg. 187. 2) Sea Routes to Polynesia, by Thor Heyerdahl, with editorial notes by Karl Jettmar, Ph.D., Professor of Ethnology, Univ. of Heidelberg, and a foreword by Hans W: son Ahlmann, Ph. D. former President of the International Geographical Union, 1968, Futura Publ., ed., 1974. brings us Könicke (1885, p.136) from pg. 73. 3) Ibid, Wittmack, (1880, p.176). 4) Ibid, Wittmack, (1886, 1888) 5) Ibid, Hutchinson, Silow and Stephens (1947, pg.138). 6) Ibid, Sauer (1950, p.502). 7) Ibid, Stoner and Anderson, (1949, p.392). 8) Ibid, Whitaker and Bird (1949, pg.2.). 9) Ibid, Sauer (1950, pg.499). 10) Ibid, Merrill (1950, pp.9-10). 11) Ibid, pgs. 73-76.

About the author: Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Author of Diverse Druids guest writer

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Omens superstition or????

Author: Anupam Mishra

As soon as we hear this so-called word 'Omen' we squeeze our nose and feel like the people of this modern age. The people who are living in the 'Scientific era' and this appears to be a matter of great shame if they believe upon this seemingly trash. But I ask you one question and please give me your answer right straight to your heart. Have you ever searched about these things like an unbiased scientist? Science says that we must leave out some of the things since they are nothing but mere co-incidences without any significance at all. Conversely, saints say in the God's creation everything has reason. Who is right saint or scientist? Have you ever taken enough pain to search out the reality? Or you just veiled yourself in the scientific dogmatism as soon as you come across these things? Tell me are you just the gramophone that runs on to sing the already recorded song? Newton invented the theory of gravity since he did not pass on the so-called common phenomena occurring from centuries. He got something uncommon in the falling of the 'Apple'. The 'Apple' which has become legend now. If Newton would have passed on this incident as mere co-incidence he had lost his eternity. He got eternity because he saw the uncommon in the common. He was not a common man who sees everything without any new perspective at all. But what about you? Every man is a born scientist; once he understands that he has also the same mind as all have. The difference borders on very thin line when we turn ourselves escapists to say 'Friends we are not scientists we are common human beings'.

In the Vedas it is written in the clearest of terms that the whole universe is nothing but an idea. I took this truth straight to my heart. Then I heard Vivekananda's saying that 'Everything has reason in this universe. So, we can't say anything unreasonable'. I engraved this quotation deep into the pigeonholes of my brain and went on unveiling the truth especially of the omens. I decided right then that I would not take any of the incidents or co-incidents on physical level rather I would locate the thought behind it. Since the Vedas say life is nothing but the mass of thoughts.

The case is the same, which I discussed, in my last article 'Free will exists or not'. The hero of this case history is the same young man. Here is the story:

I don't remember the exact month and date of this incident. But more or less it was the evening of April, 2004. I was preparing to go into my meditation room. Just in the mid-way the young man called me back ""Bhaiya (brother) just give me five minutes"". I came back in utter frustration thinking that boy had no sense. When he knows that I am going to meditate why he is disturbing me a lot? He could have waited for a while. Why this boy seems to me always impatient? Always involved into his problems without caring a bit about others?

However, I suppressed my emotions since I did not want to hurt him. He asked me ""Brother do you think I can be a Pilot because since 4 years I have been struggling hard without finding a ray of hope in my way?"" As soon as he asked the question I started noticing some strange phenomena occurring around me which I will discuss later. After noticing all the phenomena I told him he would be a Pilot undoubtedly but after going through lot of uncertainties and unexpected hindrances. He asked what kind of uncertainties and obstacles would be there? I told him that I couldn't say right now. But still you would have a last laugh I am sure. He went back to his home with little satisfaction and lingering hope.

Before telling you what happened around me to enable me to peep into young man's future just add something into your mind. Whenever any idea takes birth in your mind it gives birth to another chain of baby- thoughts outside. I call these baby-thoughts the voice of God. However, you must have proper eyes to behold these infant- thoughts. They contain in themselves all the possible outcome of your idea. They tell the future.

Now recollect the boy called me in the mid- way when I was going for meditation. And I came back in utter frustration. Now, stop and observe. The idea of becoming Pilot germinated in the young man's mind. That idea gave birth to another idea of putting obstacle in spiritual journey of mine and then went on projecting the idea of frustration on my part. When anybody is going for worship and somebody stops him, do you think it is a good omen? No, someone is going for a good work and you are putting obstacle it is a sheer sin on your part.

So, precisely, his idea initially gave birth to twin brothers namely the idea of obstacle and the idea of frustration. Then I noticed during my conversation that my child was wailing as the roof might have fallen upon him. The idea is of weeping. Then I felt greatly disgusted thinking he must went away. I lost my whole interest in his question. The idea was of disinterestedness.

Right then I heard a noice of falling of some utensils in my kitchen. The idea is of falling or disturbances whatever you may term as. But at last I saw my mother was lighting incense in front of a deity. The idea was of spiritual blessing.

So, now note down the different ideas, which took birth as soon as the question emanated in the young man's mind. They were namely obstacles, frustration, disinterestedness, weeping, falling and at last spiritual blessing. Therefore, I told him that he would become pilot but only after going through a lot of lean phases. The boy became pilot in November 2004. Before November 2004, the boy got lot of opportunities, tons of hopes, host of assurances but without any fructification at all. He became entirely hopeless. A part of it I also shared with him. Since I was doing experiment if it might succeed it will boost me up to go further. Or I will stuck right there. However I am grateful to god he showed me the right way.

Now go slightly deeper. Remember from the seeds of the previous karmas your future- tree blooms. In other words your past- deeds decide the future since karmas are the root cause of the forthcoming incidents. Okay I found the future interwined in the present but was it possible to locate his past karmas as well out of the same events happened around me? Now recollect the incidents again namely wailing, falling of utensils and obstacles in spiritual journey of mine. Don't you think there was a kind of violence in all those incidents? As I told you that my child was weeping as 'roof might have fallen over him'. The falling of utensils naturally would create lot of harsh sounds. The obstacles in my spiritual journey resulted in good amount of frustration on my part. It made me highly irritated. I was finding myself unable to face the boy even for a moment.

And those all were done by his single question. Why his question created such a turbulent atmosphere? So, there must be something behind his question also. And that 'Behind' obviously was his karmas which he did in his last births. The severity and the violent nature of the omens clearly showing the karmas were very far from being good. However, karmas emanate from a particular habit. The habit was his selfishness, which projected the question. So, behind his karmas his tendency of selfishness must be responsible. And this selfishness must be great because the omens were bordering upon abnormality. God message was clear ""the boy would not be able to start his career unless he uproots his inherited root of selfishness"".

However, at last the burning of incense in front of a deity was like the silver lining between the dark clouds. It was clearly indicating that the boy would be able to eradicate his deficiency of selfishness, which simultaneously led to start his career.

But why this so called selfishness caused hindrances in his career? It is the mystery, which I leave upon you to unravel.

About the author: Anupam Mishra, aged 37, is a Hindu Brahmin by birth. He is involved neck deep in his divine search after ultimate reality since 1998. He is a professional astrologer, spiritual guide and spiritual healer by profession.


Author: dr anil maheshwari

What is Equality? Are men and women really equal to each other??????????? Please read on to find out! Anatomically-(physically)-------both are different. Physiologically(relating to sex-hormones)--------both are different. Genetically ---------both are different and have different reproductive systems------(xx=female)------(xy=male) Biologically-(sexually)-------both have different needs. Emotionally-------both react differently to situations in day-to-day life. Mentally------both think differently about values of life or otherwise. Socially and Traditionally------both have different roles and duties to perform in society----Man is basically the Bread-winner and Provider-----Woman is basically a care-taker(nurse). From the family view-point---a man(father) is considered as the head(intellect) of the family and the woman(mother) is the heart of the family. In chinese mythology---- The female force is represented by Yin(negative force of the universe) & the male force is represented by Yang(positive force) Everything about a man and a woman is different----right from their physical appearence, their needs, the duties they perform, the roles they play in society, and even the way they procreate ---- in the act of creation (sexual act)---man is the active partner--the sexual act being initiated, maintained, completed and dominated by the male(man usually in the superior position)---while the female is just the passive recepient---and conceptually too man being the 'seed' and the woman being the 'soil'. In Hindu mythology---Man generally represents Aasman (the sky)---while the woman is Dharti (earth)------man(purush) is known as the Creator(rachieta) and the woman(prakriti) is his creation(rachna)---Can the creator be equal to his creation???????------Man is the possessor----woman is his possession---Can the possessor be equal to his possession????????? God and Mother nature have created and endowed man and woman with absolutely different qualities, attributes and functions------So can anyone please throw some light on "" Any aspect in which man and woman are equal"" and should be treated as equals????????? Your thoughts are eagerly awaited

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About the author: Surgeon from mumbai--india----interested in knowing the how and why of the creation of this universe---and religion--spirituality--rajyoga meditation.