Sunday, May 14, 2006

Superultramodern Science (SS)

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

Superultramodern Science (SS) - It's a new paradigm; superultramodern paradigm; a paradigm change. Modern/ultramodern scientists are inventing more and more complex theories (e.g. string theories) within the same paradigm (space existing really/physically out there). However their (modern/ultramodern) paradigm itself is incapable of solving big questions (like the nature and physics of mind, mystery of quantum non-locality, Zeno's paradoxes, etc.). So a new framework; a new (and, by itself, conceptually necessary) way of looking at the world; Superultramodern Science (SS). SS is constituted of 12 theoretical components which are stated and briefly summarised below.

1. Superultramodern Scientism (SSism ) - Attempts to justify the definition of science as a systematic body of knowledge and thus to show that some kind of philosophy could, in fact, be science.

2. Superultramodern Epistemology [ Theory of Knowledge ] ( SE ) - Constituted of 6 sub-components namely : a. The principle of universal doubt b. I, as a subject, being at the centre of investigation c. I feel therefore I am. d. The FR (Flawed Reason) theory e. Superultramodern unification f. Superultramodern philosophical methodology 3. The NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) Theory : Non - Spatial Universal Mechanics (NSUM) - The theory that the material universe is exclusively a group of thinking process/es existing in the form of non-spatial feelings.

4. RGM ( Resolution of Great Mysteries ) : Superultramodern Unification (SU) - Proposes a unique solution to great many challenging problems in science/philosophy using the unificatory NSTP theory.

5. ROS ( Rehabilitation of Occult Sciences ) : Astrology, Numerology, Telepathy, Mysticism (ANTM) - Provides (scientific) explanations for astrological, numerological, telepathic, and mystic phenomena.

6. The FMUP ( Flawed Modern / Ultramodern Physics ) Theory : Superultramodern Physics (SP) - Points out flaws in modern/ultramodern physics and states superultramodern physics free of those flaws.

7. Superultramodern Religion ( SR ) - Brings out a critique on Christianity; presents new definitions of God/god; and shows how religious experiences could be explained.

8. Conmathematics ( Conceptual Mathematics ) : Superultramodern Mathematics (SM) - States and explains the Joshian conjecture of three - dimensional space : that space has three and only three spatial dimensions. Conmathematics is constituted of 4 sub-components namely : a. Conmathematical definition of mathematics b. Philosophy as mathematics c. Conceptual reconstruction of pure mathematics d. Conmathematical foundations of pure mathematics Also, presents solutions to the following : a. Russell's paradox b. Three of the seven millennium problems in mathematics

9. The FR ( Flawed Reason ) Theory - The theory that reason itself might be flawed. That is, at some point reason probably breaks down.

10. Superultramodern Engineering ( SEng ) - Application of the NSTP theory. Modulating the spatial illusion or consciousness with meditation.

11. Superultramodern Ethical / Aesthetical Relativism ( SEAR ) - Argues that ethical and aesthetical concepts are relative and thus they cannot be defined in absolute terms.

12. Superultramodern Problems ( SPro ) - States the (unsolved) problems which are byproduct of superultramodern science.

-Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

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