Friday, May 12, 2006

Superultramodern Problems ( SPro )

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

The Most Challenging (Unsolved) Problems in Superultramodern Science (SS)

1. What are Superhuman Thoughts ? ( How to Understand Them ? )

2. How to Modulate the Central NSTPs ? In particular, how to change the values of the parameters in the central NSTPs ?

3. What is the Divine Design (both eternal and non - eternal) ?

4. The Problem of Creation of the Non - Eternal Universe

5. Is Human Reason Flawed ?

6. Is Reason Itself Flawed ?

7. How to Verify or Falsify the NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) Theory ?

I reckon that solutions to these problems are beyond human intellect. If one solves these problems it has to be regarded as Superhuman, the state of being distinctively higher to human.

Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

About the author: Creator of Superultramodern Science (SS)


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