Sunday, May 14, 2006

ROS ( Rehabilitation of Occult Sciences ) : Astrology, Numerology, Telepathy

Author: Kedar Joshi (1979- )

ROS ( Rehabilitation of Occult Sciences ) is a component of Superultramodern Science (SS). Through the NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process) theory and other components of SS, like Superultramodern Scientism (SSism), sciences ( which, at present, are not generally regarded as sciences ) like astrology, numerology, telepathy could be rehabilitated (or scientifically supported). Current (i.e. modern/ultramodern) science is incapable of explaining the mechanism behind the natural workings entailed by these sciences; For example, how stars govern human condition. Through the NSTP theoretical perspective the universe is an ordered non - spatial program, and stars and planets (in case of astrology) stand out or designed as indicators (rather than cause or source) whose appropriate scientific interpretation could predict the future upto certain extent. The inventor of ROS ( Dr Kedar Joshi, i.e. myself) has, through systematic experience, come to believe in (Vedic) astrology and numerology. (Though not sure about telepathy.) Understanding of the NSTP theory is sufficient for the understanding of how these occult sciences could be supported by the NSTP theory.

Kedar Joshi BSc MA MRI Cambridge, UK.

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