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By Arthur Zulu

The cinema hall was packed full. The audience cheered and laughed at the show. Well, for one thing, it was fiction for they know that such thing is impossible in real life. After all, here they are, seated without any invading men from space.

But wait a minute. Space invaders? Yes, call them ET’s, little green men, or any other name. That cinema show may be for real. Because some people believe that one fateful day, extraterrestrials will seize the earth.

Come to think of it. In the history of civilization when has the nations not been at each other’s throat? From the ancient to modern times. And with sophisticated weapons. In the end, some nations have been wiped out, while others have emerged. Show me Babylon. Show me Carthage. Or show me Songhai.

So what makes you think that some blood-thirsty space men are not desperately searching for us. To make prisoners. Keep as pets. Or destroy!

That is a chilling thing. As chilling as the crusades. Or the Jihads. Or the world wars. Or the war against the terrorists.

Now, just in case you think that the earth is the only place where living creatures are playing around, you had better think twice. For there could be life out there in Mars. Or Europa, Jupiter’s moon. Or elsewhere for that matter.

Why shouldn’t there be? The Milky Way alone has about 100 billion stars. Imagine that number. How can anyone think that the only lucky number is earth. Could there not be more winning tickets? Perhaps one?

And suppose we work on the ratio of one earth for one Galaxy. What about the other 100 billion galaxies in the universe? Could there not be at least ten more earths?

Well, that’s a reasonable assumption. Unless you are selfish. And don’t forget that we are working on the 1% of observable universe. There could be billions of universes with their billions and billions of stars!

Now, we are used to water and light as favorable conditions to life on earth. And on this basis we think that no life can exist outside these conditions. Because perhaps water has not been found elsewhere, and the harsh space may be inhospitable to life.

But we forget that the air we breathe is not the same as what plants inhale. Also we live on land, while the fish live in water, as the birds fly in the air. Yet we are all living things.

Now, suppose those conditions not favorable for us are the very ones that favor ET’s out there in Alpha Centuari or some damned star. Suppose they are even so advanced that they can tame the stars and planets for habitation just as we can tame the earth. Suppose they have advanced beyond nuclear physics and do not need rockets to travel? Or suppose they are this moment combing the multi-universes looking for us? Or suppose they have even come without our knowing it, and are preparing to come and melt the earth?

Well, space watching has always been an interesting past time. Man has been watching the stars and the birds. Until now.

Doomsayers have now added to the list-- space invaders. A lot of time and money has already gone into this space-watching business. They are optimistic that ET’s would come someday. Some are swearing that they have even seen the advance party of these invaders.

So you may have a chance of seeing one, or of getting a signal, if you have a telescope and plenty of time. Otherwise, you could ignore the whole thing and get about your business.

But when suddenly you see that the sun could not give its light, because it has been covered by a space ship twice its size, (just in case they decide to check us out with their baby ship), know that the final hour has come!

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About the author: ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best - selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER.


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